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This high school is the best in the province in 2024, yet it is 24th in the ranking behind the Parisian high schools

Linternaute.com unveils its ranking of the best high schools in France this Wednesday. And the observation is even stronger this year: outside of Paris and Ile-de-France, establishments are struggling to keep pace. place in the top 20.

Linternaute.com unveils this Wednesday March 20 its ranking of the best high schools in France, based on on data from the Ministry of National Education. "high school results indicators" communicated each year by rue de Grenelle several months after the results of the baccalaureate. And by dissecting these data all just revealed by the ministry for the last sessions of the baccalaureate, the observation is the same as in previous years. previous, even more blatant this year: Paris and its outskirts overwhelmingly dominate the prize list ;s. Among the top ten high schools in the country, there are seven Parisian high schools and three high schools in the inner suburbs, located respectively in Rueil Malmaison, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Asnières-sur-Seine. It is the same, until the twentieth place where the best high schools are all located in the capital or in the greater Parisian suburbs.

Wù passed the very good high schools outside Ile-de-France? Last year, three ;establishments located in other regions had succeeded in achieving this goal. place in the top 20. The Lyc&eac;e de Provence à Marseille, the high school the Gymnase Jean Sturm à Strasbourg and the Don Bosco high school, located in in the town of 1,500 inhabitants of  Landser (68), æquo à sixteenth place. In the 2024 ranking, they have all disappeared.

The Marseille high school and the Strasbourg high school are both located here. 28th position, with a success rate of 100%, a mention rate of 97% and an access rate of seconds to the baccalaureate of 92%, for a total score of 19.5, or 0.1 point less than the #39;last year. For private high school Don Bosco, the fall is much greater since he finds himself 62nd. In terms of statistics, the success rate is nevertheless high. 100%, the mention rate   93% and the access rate of seconds to the baccalaureate 92%. The final score of the establishment is 19.25 compared to the rest. 19.6 last year. The mention rate has notably dropped; of five points.

It's finally à This year, 24th place is the best high school outside Ile-de-France. A high school which was only 47th last year. In the new ranking, it presents a success rate of 100%. 100% still, but has passed 95% à 99% mention rate. This is the private high school. Lacordaire à Marseille, part of the Aix-Marseille Academy. The latter, who presented   227 baccalaureate students in 2023, offers the learning of a multitude of languages ​​such as Italian, Chinese and the Corsican. It is also possible to have two sections: theater and arts. Its good grade is also linked to its capacity &agrav; take a large majority of its students who entered second grade (92%) until the final diploma.

After this one, we find in the ranking two Parisian high schools and one Versailles establishment. ;nbsp;lycée de Provence and the Gymnase Jean Sturm which are both, like the Lycée Lacordaire, private establishments. By looking the ranking as a whole, less than half of Some of the best high schools with a 100% baccalaureate pass rate are located outside Ile-de-France.

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