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“An excessively intrusive surveillance system”: Amazon condemned in France

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The National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL) has just ordered Amazon France Logistique to pay a fine of 32 million euros « for having set up a system “excessively intrusive monitoring of the activity and performance of employees”, specifies the administrative authority in a press release published for the occasion.

Amazon contests the decision

It is the collection of data by scanners used by warehouse employees for processing packages which is implemented in question by the instance. Indeed, the latter imposes an excessive « activity and performance monitoring system leading the employee to potentially have to justify each break or interruption ».

You should in fact know that these machines save any break longer than ten minutes. The CNIL therefore considers that it is « excessive to keep all the data collected by the system as well as the statistical indicators resulting from it, for all employees and temporary workers, by keeping them for thirty and one day».

Challenged by the personal data policeman, Amazon did not fail to react with a press release. The Tech giant contests the decision:

We strongly disagree with the CNIL's conclusions which are factually incorrect and we reserve the right to appeal. (#8230;) The use of warehouse management systems is standard industry practice: they are necessary to ensure safe, quality and efficient operations and to track inventory and processing packages on time and in accordance with customer expectations.

Amazon criticized for anti-union practices

In any case, this is not the first time that the working conditions imposed on employees in Amazon warehouses have been singled out. In 2022, the U.S. Department of Labor and federal prosecutors in New York have just launched an investigation into workplace safety and injuries resulting from workplace hazards. workplace, pace of work, and whether Amazon appropriately reported injuries that occurred in that space.”. A vision rejected by society.

The company is also known for its anti-union practices in the United States. In a fascinating report currently broadcast on the Arte platform, John Logan, director of the Labor and Employment department at the University of San Francisco, discusses the firm's criticized practices. We invite you to view this excellent work by our colleagues here.

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