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Windows 12 will wait: a huge Windows 11 update is coming


While the name of a hypothetical next major version of Windows, Windows 12, has been circulating on the web for some time now, it ultimately seems that Microsoft is counting on a life cycle of Windows 11 closer to that of Windows 10. As a result, while some sources predicted the arrival of Windows 12 sometime in 2024, users should instead prepare for a nice update to Windows 11.< /p>

This, described as “significantly heavier” that the 23H2 update is already in the pipeline, and has the code name Hudson Valley (24H2). Microsoft should, as its name suggests, start pushing it on compatible PCs in the second half of the year – probably around September, according to Android Authority. Computer manufacturers will be able to offer it on their references from April.

Microsoft would have preferred a huge Windows update 11  when launching a “Windows 12”

This update should largely introduce more artificial intelligence into Windows, and will be based on a new version of the platform – as if it were installing a new major version of Windows. This means that you have to prepare for a relatively long installation time, with the result being a complete replacement of the latest version of Windows 11 available at the time of the update.

It is therefore a question of updates around Copilot, the AI ​​called to become the heart of the Windows experience. This update should notably launch a “more advanced” leveraging the local AI capabilities of next-generation PCs. This version should, according to Windows Central “improve productivity with applications, files and search”. One of the functions of Copilot will be to help the user very quickly find any file that has been recently opened.

There is also talk of improving various interface elements, such as File Explorer – as well as the launch of a new energy saving mode. Beyond that we should find many improvements tested in the Canary channel for some time now.

Which should benefit performance, security features, while offering a slightly cleaner interface. This update should also spell the end for several native apps, including Cortana, Mail, Calendar, Maps, People and Movies & TV. Wordpad would still be entitled to a short reprieve before the next update.

  • Microsoft is preparing a major Windows update.
  • Called Hudson Valley, the update was originally supposed to be marketed under the name Windows 12, but it looks like that won't be the case after all.
  • Instead, it will be a huge update to Windows 11, with many new features, particularly in terms of artificial intelligence.

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