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Apple drops one last clue before its keynote

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Apple fans are counting down the hours since today, the Cupertino company will be making plenty of announcements during a keynote dedicated to the iPad. In the meantime, rumors continue to circulate on the web. And for its part, the firm has released a new clue.

On its website, Apple displays a representation of its logo, with a hand holding a Pencil. And if you move the cursor over this drawing, it has the effect of an eraser, erasing the logo.

https://twitter .com/bzamayo/status/1787411026289254746?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

This could be a teaser for a new version of the Apple Pencil, with an erase functionality. Indeed, as MacRumors explains, Apple's stylus does not have not, currently, a universal (and hardware) erase function for all apps.

Pressure-sensitive Pencils ?

In addition, snippets of code discovered on iOS 17.5 have suggested the development of a new gesture called “Squeeze”. As a result, it would be possible that the new Apple Pencil has a hardware-level erase functionality that is activated with pressure.

A week ago, journalist Mark Gurman (Bloomberg) also indicated, in a newsletter, that the next Apple Pencil would be equipped with haptic feedback.

The mention “Apple Pencil Pro” appears

According to the site The Verge, the code of the Apple website in Japan would mention an “Apple Pencil Pro”, in the alternative text of the image making promoting the keynote. However, this mention would only be present on the Japanese site. Therefore, it is possible that it is an error, but not a clue.

And of course, while waiting for the official announcements of the Cupertino company, caution remains in order. In any case, the Let Loose keynote is highly anticipated, because Apple has not presented a new iPad in 2023. Many rumors are also circulating about the new tablets that the firm will present.

  • Apple will present its new iPads during the Let Loose event, this May 7
  • The firm could also launch a new Apple Pencil, and it has just released a clue on its website
  • An animation available on this site suggests that the new Pencil could have a new feature to erase
  • This feature would make the stylus even more convenient, while rumors suggest that the new Pencil should also be pressure sensitive, and have haptic feedback

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