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This rumor about the Galaxy S26 may worry Samsung customers


Samsung could well offer its in-house silicon again in its Galaxy S26 flagships – all without any partnership, which leaves a scent of déjà vu. The information comes from Roland Quandt, a leaker known to be rather reliable. According to him, Samsung would end its collaboration with AMD, which made it possible to bring graphics technologies such as Ray Tracing to the brand's high-end smartphones.

The next generation of Galaxy S smartphones, probably called Samsung Galaxy S25, would still feature an Exynos 2500 chip. At least in certain markets, since Samsung generally offers its flagships in two versions: the S24 are thus offered with an Exynos 2400 chip in North America, while in France, in particular, the devices revolve around a Qualcomm chip (Snapdragon 8 Gen 3).

The Galaxy S26 could run on an Exynos chip designed 100% in-house

A few years ago, the situation was completely opposite, with Galaxy S with Exynos chip in Europe, and Snapdragon versions on the other side of the Atlantic. The problem is that the variants with an in-house chip performed less well in the benchmarks – and sometimes suffered from specific problems, for example component overheating.

Samsung has since improved its copy, but developing processors internally is complex, and it remains very difficult to catch up with companies like Qualcomm, which are very advanced on the issue. This time, the brand seems to be putting all the necessary resources into it. Our colleagues from Android Headlines report that the brand has formed a “dream team” of a thousand engineers.

As for the GPU part, the enclave would use AMD technologies, in particular the brand's RDNA architecture. The whole question now is whether or not the means in place will allow better integration of the component, along with the software layer – and if developers, of video games, in particular, will take advantage of the graphics capabilities of the chip.

For Samsung, developing and popularizing in-house smartphone chips is a challenge size. Establishing yourself in the sector takes time… but the market is enormous, and could form a significant growth driver for the brand in the near future, if it decided to sell Exynos chips to the competition. It remains to be seen how these chips will actually compare with their Qualcomm equivalents.

  • According to Roland Quandt, Samsung is developing an Exynos 2600 chip 100% internally, for the Galaxy S26.
  • The firm would at the same time cease its close collaboration with AMD which had made it possible to bring Ray Tracing, among others, to its high-end devices.
  • In the past, Exynos chips have often struggled to match the performance of their Qualcomm equivalents in benchmarks – although we note that things have improved significantly in recent years.

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