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F1 24: release date, collector's item... we tell you everything (while waiting for the test)

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It's been almost 15 years now since Codemasters (now part of EA) took over the official Formula 1 license. If old hands remember the excellent F1 97′ on the very first PlayStation, the many fans of the discipline now benefit from ever more advanced adaptations visually, as well as on the gameplay side. With its new F1 24, the American giant still promises more realism, sensations, improvements…60~/p>

F1 24, real new features under the hood ?

Even though the F1 saga is a boon for fans of the discipline, we must admit that after several truly innovative episodes, the license has tended to stagnate for several years. years. Worse still, F1 22 had disappointed a lot in terms of gameplay, but F1 23 had managed to correct the situation, notably through gameplay with a new feeling (and fun).

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Still, for several episodes, the F1 saga has struggled to renew itself, each episode consisting of an “update” from the previous opus, including animations that have been seen and reviewed many times and a technique that inevitably ends up being a little dated. Also, with F1 24, EA promises to have refined numerous parameters to finally allow players to observe a real change.

When is the new F1 24 game released?

If F1 23 had arrived in June last year, with F1 24, Electronic Arts will allow players to participate in the current championship a little earlier. The game is in fact expected for May 31, 2024on consoles and PC. Remember that the current season has a total of 24 grand prix, with a final race scheduled for December 8, in Abu Dhabi.

F1 24: release date, collector's item... we tell you everything (while waiting for the test)

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Note that those who opt for the Champions Edition version of the game will be able to benefit from various advantages, including a now famous “early access”, allowing ’to perform its first laps of the wheels three days in advance (we'll come back to that below).

Where to play F1 24?

The brand new official Formula 1 game, 2024 release, will be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Note that the game is in no way reserved for consoles “next-gen“, since F1 24 will also be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

F1 24: release date, collector's item... we tell you everything (while waiting for the test)

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As was the case with previous episodes, F1 24 will not be available on Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, the game will be present on PC, with availability planned from the EA store, but also from Steam and the Epic Games Store.

F1 24, a collector's version for fans? (no)

The new F1 24 will obviously be available in standard version, with a selling price set at €79.99 on consoles. The game will be available in PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series versions, and each pre-order will allow you to get your hands on 500 PitCoin and an F1 World starter pack.

F1 24: release date, collector's item... we tell you everything (while waiting for the test)

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The most “passionate” can for their part opt ​​for the Champions Edition version of the game. This contains the complete game, but also a bumper pack, 18,000 PitCoin, pre-order livery packs, a VIP Pass podium, two Mon icons Stable, not forgetting 3-day early access. All for the modest sum of €99.99.

Note that those who already own F1 2021, F1 22 or F1 23 will be able to benefit from a 15% discount on this new F1 24.

What's new in F1 24?

Obviously, F1 24 will above all allow you to find all the teams, all the drivers and all the circuits of the current F1 world championship. In terms of new features, F1 24 will notably allow you to participate in a new Driver Career mode, but you will also be able to team up with a friend for a two-player career.

F1 24: release date, collector's item... we tell you everything (while waiting for the test)

© EA

The developer also promises a major overhaul when it comes to physics and driving, for “more immersive, predictable and realistic performance< /em>“. We should feel a more realistic weight distribution, better sensations on the suspension side, better management of tire wear, ever more realistic circuits. Also touted is the revolutionary Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination software, which improves lighting, shadows and highlights.

Verdict expected at the end of May therefore for this new F1 24 which, probably and in view of the first gameplay videos, should not revolutionize the formula that we already know, but should nevertheless constitute THE new reference of the genre.

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