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Is it better to work for Google or for Meta ? This manager answers

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Is it better to work for Google or for Meta ? To answer this question that Tech talents may ask, Daniel McKinnon has just published a fascinating blog post. The latter was product manager at Meta between 2018 and 2022, before working for two years at Google, then returning to the firm led by Mark Zuckerberg last February.

This contributor begins by emphasizing that these two groups are extraordinary: “Meta and Google are both phenomenal technology companies where d&#8217 ;excellent project managers can flourish”.

But he continues as a warning to potential recruits that if you're looking for growth over stress and pressure, Meta will probably be a better fit for him. On the contrary, “if you want to prioritize work-life balance, job stability and security, Google could be a place ideal for you”.

Remuneration: Meta advantage?

According to Daniel McKinnon, Meta distributes shares to its employees after four years, while Google awards most titles (70%) in the first two years. The fact that there are fewer share renewals within the Mountain View firm tends to reduce overall compensation according to the manager.

This version of the facts is contested by a Google spokesperson who was able to reach Business Insider. He notably indicated to our colleagues that the “vast majority of Googlers received an increase in their remuneration” thanks to salary increases and bonuses.

The organization of work and projects

Regarding the internal mode of operation, Daniel McKinnon notes that Meta executives and CEO Mark Zuckerberg intervene when they see opposing visions around a product: &# 8220;If Mark or his executives encounter two different visions for a product, they ask the conflicting parties to review them and make a decision based on their judgment”.

This doesn't seem to be the case at Google where teams can spend “literally decades” without management does not intervene. And the latter cites the examples of Waze and Google Maps.

According to him, it is both positive for a product manager who wants to work on an idea over time, but it's also frustrating for “for ambitious leaders who want to create products requiring larger teams”.

The prospects of careers

Finally, the manager judges that career development can be faster at Meta unlike Google which relies more on seniority. However, he specifies:

These observations about career progression cut both ways. I've never been in this situation, but I think it's much easier to get fired for poor performance at Meta than at Google, which should definitely be a factor for those for whom job security is essential.

To complete this testimony, we can cite this survey that we told you about in 2020. Blind, the application which brings together several million professionals in the United States asked its members if they were happy in their workplace. The opportunity to publish a ranking on this subject where Netflix employees came first, while Google employees were in fourth position and those of Facebook eighth.

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