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Apple can tremble: with the X Elite platform, Qualcomm revolutionizes the PC

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In 2020, Apple revolutionized its Macs by launching the first computers using an Apple Silicon processor, based on Arm architectures, instead of Intel processors. This technological transition has allowed the Cupertino company to offer more efficient, but also more autonomous, Macs. And since then, Windows PCs seemed a little overwhelmed by this competition. But in 2024, the situation will change thanks to the brand new Snapdragon X Elite processor offered by Qualcomm, which will bring the same revolution to PCs.

It's important to note that Qualcomm has been offering Arm-based processors for PCs for years. However, so far, none of these processors have really been able to compete with Apple's chips. What will change things in 2024 is the arrival of a brand new CPU, called Oryon, by Qualcomm. Engraved in 4nm, the Snapdragon >

Apple can tremble: with the X Elite platform, Qualcomm revolutionizes the PC

Qualcomm compares the performance of its new processor with that of Apple's M2 chip. © Journal du Geek

In summary, this is the PC processor that would finally allow us to have performance and energy efficiency comparable to that of Macs, using Windows. Qualcomm has also published numerous comparisons of the Snapdragon X Elite against traditional PC processors (x86 processors). According to the company, the X Elite has a CPU and GPU that can perform twice as well. In addition, Qualcomm claims energy consumption that can be 68% lower than that of the competition.

Arriving in 2024

The first computers equipped with this new processor, a priori revolutionary, will arrive in mid-2024. In addition to the performance and energy efficiency gain, Qualcomm has also equipped the Snapdragon X Elite for the era of generative artificial intelligence. According to the manufacturer, this new component is capable of running AI locally with 13 billion parameters. In addition, Qualcomm claims artificial intelligence processing that would be 4.5 times faster, compared to the competition.

On paper, Qualcomm made a very impressive presentation. However, it will also be necessary to ensure that these hardware improvements translate into real improvements for the user experience. Indeed, Apple's advantage is that it designs Macs, Mac processors, as well as the macOS operating system. This allows the firm to optimize everything.

For its part, the Snapdragon X Elite processor will be used by PC manufacturers, and will run an operating system designed by Microsoft: Windows. However, during its presentation, Qualcomm highlighted its long-standing collaboration with the Redmond firm.

  • Thanks to the use of Apple Silicon processors instead of Intel processors, Apple has greatly improved the performance and energy efficiency of its Macs
  • With its new Snapdragon X Elite processor, Qualcomm wants to bring the same revolution to Windows
  • One of the keys to this improvement is the new Oryon CPU designed by Qualcomm
  • The first machines using this component will arrive in mid-2024

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