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The Cybertruck: a mistake according to Elon Musk?

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Tesla's futuristic pick-up is the perfect definition of Arlesian.Unveiled in 2019, its production was supposed to start in 2020. End of 2021 , Tesla announces that production has been delayed and announces that it will leave the factories in 2022. Incessant back and forth which has not failed to arouse controversy as to the feasibility of this project. The latest news is that production was finally launched in July 2023. An imminent release, which Elon Musk recently commented on.

Production challenges and expectations

Among Tesla's productions, there is nothing more nebulous than the Cybertruck. This one has only been seen a few times and its interior was leaked in a very short video at the beginning of October. An aura of mystery that only increases rumors and speculation about the vehicle.

During Tesla's third quarter earnings conference, Elon Musk declared: “We dug our own grave with the Cybertruck“. A tone that we are not really used to hearing in the mouth of the CEO, known for his rather proud or even scandalous outings.

The first deliveries of the Cybertruck are planned for November 30, but the company boss wanted to temper expectations” around the vehicle. According to him, achieving the ideal conditions to produce it on a massive scale will not happen alone. Many challenges still remain to be overcome to guarantee its profitability. A situation that he considers perfectly normal.

An obstacle course

Even if the official announcement of the futuristic pick-up dates back a few years, Elon Musk teased it for almost a decade. Since 2019, Tesla has faced many obstacles which have certainly hampered the smooth running of the project.: COVID pandemic, acquisition of Twitter by Musk and various personal adventures on the part of the big boss. A context which only postponed the final release of the vehicle.

Despite everything, the Cybertruck remained at the center of attentionand the pre-order list has continued to climb, despite a certain number of elements which do not particularly inspire confidence. We could cite for example the huge single windshield wiper which did not fail to get noticed, not necessarily in the good sense of the word. Or even a video dating from September where we can see a hubcap of the pick-up flying off the highway in San Francisco.

Note that these different videos and images do not #8217;have nothing official, and appear to be the result of leaks or unauthorized releases by Tesla. With just over a month before its release, rarely has a vehicle been so talked about. This is certainly what Elon Musk and Tesla wanted: unofficial free advertising, driven by buzz and social networks.

  • Elon Musk admitted that developing the Cybertruck has been a strategic challenge for Tesla.
  • The design of the vehicle has been fraught with pitfalls since its announcement in 2019.
  • The first deliveries should arrive on November 30.

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