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Attack in Arras: "hatred of France" invoked

“Attack in Arras: 'hatred of France' invoked by the suspect, his profile deciphered”

The profile of the alleged terrorist becomes clearer, his intentions begin to unfold. be better understood by investigators. His sister notably drew up of him the portrait of a very radicalized Islamist.

The essentials

  • A knife attack took place on Friday October 13 in a high school in the city of Paris. Gambetta-Carnot school in Arras. A professor was killed and three people, a PE teacher and two establishment agents, were arrested. injured by several stab wounds.
  • The Arras assailant, Mohammed Mogouchkov, is a former student of the high school 20 years old and of Chechen origin. File S for radicalization since the beginning of October, he was the subject of close surveillance by the General Directorate of Security. (DGSI). His family is known to the police for radicalization.
  • The investigation is progressing. The anti-terrorism prosecutor, Jean-François Ricard indicated: that a judicial investigation was opened in particular for counts of “assassination and attempted assassination in relation to a terrorist enterprise”. It is likely that he was helped by his younger brother, he is suspected of to have "contributedé some support in his deadly project, particularly regarding the handling of knives.
  • Mohammed Mogouchkov had loaned him allegiance to Islamic State in an audio recording. According to the prosecution, he expressed his “hatred of France, the French, democracy and the education from which he benefited.” in our country. He also brought his "support for Muslims in Iraq, Asia, Palestine, but without linking his act to current events" in Israel.
  • This Tuesday, an alert to the bomb at the Palace of Versailles led to evacuation and disposal closure of the site.
  • Emmanuel Macron, traveling in Albania, had a few words to describe the current climate of tension this Tuesday: "We saw it again yesterday in France. Brussels, all European states are vulnerable. […] This is a vulnerability. which goes with democracies and states of law, where “you have individuals who can decide to do the worst.” "We must live in a society that “of vigilance,” he added.
  • Gérald Darmanin announced the re-examination of S files and the expulsion or withdrawal of residence permits of radicalized foreigners to force them to return to prison. leave the territory. Gabriel Attal promised to strengthen security. near and in schools after the terrorist attack.


18:32 – 179 students disrupted the minute of silence Monday

Facing the deputies, Tuesday afternoon, the Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, announced that 179 students had disrupted, the day before, the minute of silence for pay homage to Dominique Bernard. "There are 179 referrals to the public prosecutor which are being initiated today to initiate proceedings against these students, and 179 disciplinary proceedings are also being initiated," , before adding: "And for the most serious cases, several dozen of them, which relate to the apology of terrorism, I order, today, the exclusion of these elements. ves awaiting disciplinary procedures."

The prosecutor, who held a press conference this Tuesday, gave an update on the investigations carried out so far. It confirms that a video has been uploaded. filmed shortly before the transition to the act, the terrorist had pledged allegiance to the the Islamic State. He also attacked it. "repeatedly the values ​​of France in his own words", saying his "hatred of France, the French, democracy and education from which he benefited in our country. Mohammed Mogouchkov had asked for asylum in France, request rejected on August 16, 2022 by the National Court of Asylum Law. But he could not be expelled; due to the "absolute protection against estrangement" due to his entry into France before the age of 13. Monitored closely monitored by the General Directorate of Security Internal Affairs (DGSI), the suspect had not demonstrated of behavior allowing a change to be announced. the act.

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14:49 – Attacks on "French values" recorded and filmed

"Mohammed M. attacked the repeatedly advocated "the values ​​of the French' in his own words" in videos and recordings found on his phone according to the prosecutor of the anti-terrorism prosecution. "He made particularly threatening remarks" in one of these videos filmed 20 minutes before the attack on Arras. From these words, the assailant echoed what he had said. "the long declaration of allegiance to “Islamic State discovered in attacker's phone” and "developed his hatred of France, of the French, of democracy". However, the young man apparently did not make a connection between his actions and recent events in Israel.

14:27 – Information judicial proceedings opened against Mohammed Mogouchkov

The prosecutor of the anti-terrorism prosecution announced the opening of a judicial investigation was carried out against Mohammed M for the heads of terrorist associations with a view to preparing crimes of harm to persons, assassination in relation to a terrorist enterprise and attempted assassination in relation to a terrorist enterprise.  

14:20 – 13 people kept at home views, 3 brought before a judge

During the investigation into the Arras attack, more than 100 witnesses were examined. heard and 13 individuals were arrested. placed in custody view indicated the prosecutor. Of these 13 guards view, 10 were collected during the investigation "in the absence of elements" proving that these relatives of the attacker "could have had a specific role in the terrorist action of Mohammed M". But the little brother of the principal accused was able to provide some help. some "some support". Three people – the assailant Mohammed Mogouchkov, one of his brothers and his cousin – are sent before a judge as said earlier in this live. Indictments and provisional detention were to be announced at least for the perpetrator of the attack.

14:16 – The injured of the attack are no longer in danger

Among the three injured in the attack perpetrated in a high school in Arras, no longer is in danger, said the first prosecutor of the anti-terrorist Republic Jean-François Ricard at a press conference.

14:07 – What the suspect's sister said to the police

One of Mohammed Mogouchkov's sisters spent time in prison. three days in custody seen before being released last night. We know more about the content of his statements made to investigators. According to France Info, the 18-year-old young woman ensured that she that his brother, presumed author of of the attack, was a violent man and that he had attacked several people. their mother. She herself says she suffered violence. She also added: that she had been cloistered in his room by him and his brothers. According to her, Mohammed Mogouchkov is a radicalized young man, who broadcast Islamist prayer songs to many people. their home. She also ensured not having been informed of his terrorist plans.

Custody view of Mohammed Mogouchkov, the assailant of the attack Arras was lifted this Tuesday according to information from Le Parisien. The 20-year-old young man is referred to before a judge, two other people are in the same situation: one of his brothers and a cousin.

1:30 p.m. – The castle of Versailles ;evacuated

The Versailles Palace site is closing its doors for the day, “for security reasons.” All visitors had to be evacuated this Tuesday around 1 p.m., indicate the tourist site's communication services. According to information from Le Figaro, this is a warning the bomb that led to this decision. Another alert of the same nature had led to à the closure of the castle last Saturday.

According to information from BFMTV and Le Parisien, the suspect in the Arras attack lent himself to allegiance to Daesh in an audio recording, he also made a "very marginal" the situation in Palestine, according to BFMTV. The 24-hour news channel indicates that the suspect's sister described to investigators “a hyper-radicalized family climate,” she would have described as “a hyper-radicalized family climate.” his "monster" brother; denouncing his act of “horror”. The young woman was on guard duty. seen, this one was lifted last night.

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