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Baccalaureate subject Humanities, Literature and Philosophy (HLP) 2024: which subjects will fall ?

“Humanities, Literature and Philosophy baccalaureate subject (HLP) 2024: which subjects will fall ?”

BAC HLP 2024. The specialty test humanities, literatures and philosophy (HLP) of the 2024 baccalaureate is getting closer and to prepare as best as possible, some subjects are already available. &agrav; consider.

The first baccalaureate exams will begin soon. For all final year students, it's time to look at the latest revisions in order to arrive prepared & nbsp;tests for this 2024 baccalaureate. Among these students, some have chosen the specialty of humanity, literature and philosophy (HLP). This specialty test will take place, for some of them, on June 19 while for the others it will be on June 20. They will have four hours to write a philosophical interpretation and a literary essay which will each count for ten points.

If academic knowledge and methods are necessary for this exam, candidates must also call upon their sensitivity to offer constructed arguments, because that is the best way to do it. the objective of HLP teaching: to learn how to learn develop your thinking through analyses, knowledge and interpretations. The students will discover the subject of the HLP test on the big day, but the probable subjects are already available. considered. Due to the strong trend à select the topics for this test based on current events, here are some likely topics according to the Digischool platform.

The very likely topics are: 

  • History and violence (Humanity in question)
  • The human and its limits (Humanity in question)

Probable topics are:

  • The metamorphoses of the self (The search for oneself)
  • Creation, continuity and ruptures (Humanity in question)

Unlikely topics are: 

  • Education, transmission and emancipation (The search for oneself)
  • Expressions of sensitivity (The search for oneself)

These topics are probable but it could be that another theme seen during the year is chosen for the year. Specialty test HLP. They nonetheless remain excellent areas of work during revisions.

The subjects of last year's baccalaureate are   read in full on the Internet user thanks to à our partner Studyrama. Among all the subjects, those of the specialty humanities, literature and philosophy are at your disposal. discover below. Note that two sessions of the test took place and that consequently two subjects were taken. distributed to candidates, one for each day of testing.

The HLP topic for Tuesday March 21

The HLP topic for Monday March 20

In addition to distributing the topics, Linternaute in partnership with Studyrama offers a correction of the topic with the main elements that could be introduced into the copy. There is no perfect copy since the exercise calls on the interpretation of the candidate, but the correctors still expect precise notions studied in class.

Corrected; from the HLP topic of Tuesday March 21:

Corrected; from the HLP topic of Monday March 20:

A majority of French candidates from foreign high schools take their tests at the beginning of June, a few days before the candidates from abroad. Hexagon, but for those from North America, the tests are already there. completed. Our partner Studyrama, which puts the full text online. of the subjects of the Bac 2024, offers to discover which subject has fallen in North America for the HLP test. This year, he was very successful. asked for the final years to work on the poem "The Deep Life", by'Anna de Noailles published in 1901 in the collection The innumerable heart. Obviously this subject will not be identical to this one. the one that final year students will discover on June 19 or 20, but it constitutes a good means of training.

The results of the specialty tests are now available. HLP will be available on July 8, at the same time as the results of the other tests (French, philosophy and grand oral). The fact that specialist teaching being evaluated earlier does not influence the publication of the results.

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