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Subject of the 2024 physics-chemistry baccalaureate: the probable tests and subjects

“2024 baccalaureate subject of physics and chemistry: the probable étests and subjects”

A few days before the start of the exams, several possibilities of subjects are envisaged for those who have chosen the specialized teaching of physics-chemistry baccalaureate. Here are which ones.

The test which concerns the teaching of a specialty physics-chemistry, counting towards the 2024 baccalaureate, will take place on Wednesday 19 or Thursday June 20, for several tens of thousands of high school students who have opted for this option. for this option. This is also the first time that the specialty tests have been completed. take place at the same time as those of the common core (philosophy, grand oral, French). All students have three and a half hours to solve the three exercises that will be presented to them. As with other specialties, the physics-chemistry assessment for the baccalaureate takes place in two tests. The written test of June 19 and 20, and a practical test whose date was given to them. communicated via a summons. These two tests represent respectively 20 (practical) and 80% (written) of the final marking of this subject which counts coefficient 16 in the bac average, like each specialty.

What are the likely topics this year ?

If these are only approximations, some specialized sites have already ;jà speculation on what the subject of the specialty test could be. physics-chemistry.

For this year 2024, the most probable subjects would be, according to Digischool< /em> :

  • Modeling of acid-base transformations by hydrogen
  • ion transfers

  • Direction of evolution of an acid-base system
  • Link between actions applied to a system and its movement

Probable topics: 

  • Flow of a fluid
  • Analysis of a chemical system by physical and chemical methods
  • Evolution of a system, seat of a chemical transformation
  • Evolution of a system, seat of a nuclear transformation
  • Direction of evolution of an oxidizing-reducing system
  • Ideal gas and energy balances
  • Images and Light
  • Dynamics of an Electrical System

Unlikely Subjects:

  • Organic Synthesis Strategy
  • Description of a Movement
  • Phenomena wave-like 

These proposals are hypothetical and will remain so until students discover the topics on the day of the exam. However, they remain revision axes that are primarily intended to allow candidates to mark out the main themes of the specialty physics-chemistry and organize their revisions. 

What are the physics-chemistry subjects in foreign centers this year ? 

Like every year, students from French high schools attended the event. abroad take the baccalaureate exams a few days before students from the mainland, thus allowing candidates from the ;#39;Hexagon to discover the first subjects of the baccalaureate. This year, only the foreign centers in North America have already completed the program. past For these tests, for the others they will take place during the month of June, a few days before the start of the baccalaureate in mainland France, in the mainland. Mayotte and à the Meeting. The topics given to students in North America will not be identical to those in North America. those that the other candidates will discover on June 19 and 20. 

Day 1:

Day 2:

The subjects of last year's baccalaureate are   read in full on the Internet user thanks to à our partner Studyrama. Among all the subjects, those of the specialty physics-chemistry are à discover below. Note that two sessions of the test took place and that consequently two subjects were taken. distributed to candidates, one for each day of testing.

Topic of last year's session #1:

Topic of last year's session #2:

What were the physics-chemistry answers last year ?

In addition to disseminating the topics, Linternaute in partnership with Studyrama offers a correction of the topic with the main elements that could be introduced into your copy.

Corrected; from last year's session n°1 :

Corrected to session n°2 last year:< /h3>

After the written physics-chemistry test on June 19 and 20, the test practice,  it, will take place à the date indicated on the individual summons and should last one hour. On the sideé of the subject, no common exercises all candidates but a certain number of evaluation situations among those available on the national bank of National Education subjects. The ministry, however, specifies some scientific manipulations on which candidates cannot be evaluated:  

  • Create a battery and an electrical circuit integrating an electrolyzer
  • Use a device to study the thrust of Archimedes
  • Measuring pressure and flow speed in a gas and in a liquid
  • Follow the evolution of the temperature of a system
  • Use a photovoltaic cell that
  • Implement a device to study the Doppler effect in acoustics

At the time of the exam, the candidate draws lots for an evaluation situation “among a subset, renewed” per half-day, of at least two assessment situations to be covered dominant physical and two evaluation situations dominant chemistry, according to the ministry. He then has one hour to carry out the requested operations.

The results of the physics-chemistry specialty test will be available at the end of the year. from July 8, 2024 as for all other baccalaureate tests. As a reminder, the physics-chemistry exam is composed of: of two parts, the final mark is obtained by multiplying the mark of the written test by 0.8 and that of the written test by 0.2 practical.

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