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Back to school 2023: dates, teacher absences, new features... . All the info

“Back to school 2023: dates, teacher absences, new features… All the info”

The start of the school year took place this Monday, September 4 for the 12 million French students. The return to class comes with its share of new things for students and teachers alike. We take stock.

[Put to; day September 4, 2023 at 2:38 p.m.] The 12 million French students have returned to school. This Monday, September 4, 2023 is accompanied by new developments and the Minister of National Education continues to make announcements for the year ahead. come. Many of them are in place at one time or another. from this start of the school year and are pursuing the stated objective. of the ministry: "raise the level".

For the start of the 2023 school year, the ministry has decided to to emphasize fundamental knowledge – French and mathematics – but also on supporting students with more support or better care. The doubling of classes in kindergarten, the limitation to 24 students per class in primary school, the strengthening of French and mathematics courses in middle school, or the return of mathematics to the common core in high school are measures that will in this direction. But teachers are not left out, if they are affected by these measures they are also the direct target of the “teacher pact”. However, overcoming the lack of teachers and upgrading the profession is not unanimously agreed upon. and might have difficulty meet the objectives, in particular the promise of seeing a teacher in front of each class.

If these measures have disrupted At the start of the school year, Minister Gabriel Attal continues to engage on other subjects that he wishes to improve during the year or for the next school year. The weight of schoolbags and long lists of school supplies are in his sights and he promises to halve the weight of school bags. The tenant of rue de Grenelle also plans to experiment with the return of the uniform later this year, a measure presented by some as a response to discrimination, some harassment or even as a means of enforcing secularism. The subject therefore does not fail to echo the debates on the wearing of the abaya which have punctuated the debate. this school year.

The date of the "big" Back to school in September corresponds to Monday September 4, 2023for all students, from school to high school. Depending on the levels and establishments, the start of the school year can however be spread over the entire week. Each establishment is responsible for to communicate to families the official start dates for each level. A display can, for example, be provided at the same time. at the entrance to the establishment.

The 2023-2024 school year will last until July. The last day of class of the next school year is therefore scheduled for Saturday July 6, 2024, or even the day before for students who do not have classes on Saturday. The date for the start of the school year in September 2024 is also known and set for Monday September 2, but Emmanuel Macron left hear the possibility for children with difficulties or behind schedule to return to school on August 20 starting next year. This pre-entry would not concern all children but those whose assessments would have shown gaps.

This is the main new feature currently planned for the start of the 2023 school year. The return of compulsory mathematics education for all high school students in the general sector from first grade à The start of the 2023 school year was announced by the Minister of National Education on November 13, 2022. More broadly, the ministry plans to reinforce the teaching of “fundamental knowledge”, including French and mathematics.

At primary school

  • Capping of CP and CE1 classes at twenty-four students;
  • Reinforced practice of French with reading and writing exercises in CM1 and CM2. Creation of new assessments in CM1 "in addition to those existing in CP, mid-CP and CE1" ;
  • Continuation of the mathematics training plan for school teachers (nursery school teachers included) with the training of all teachers by 2026 (30% already are according to the Prime Minister).

In college

  • Creation of a maths club in each secondary school encouraged at from the start of the 2023 school year;
  • Creation of a "national mathematics skills framework" (CNCM) on the model of the European framework of reference for languages ​​(CEFR), in order to certify the level reached by each student at the end of 3rd year;
  • < li>Establishment of groups reduced numbers in 6th grade in mathematics or French, "" both to support students in difficulty and and to stimulate the most advanced students" according to the government;

  • Establishment of a weekly hour of support or accompaniment in French or mathematics for all sixth grade students;
  • Generalization of the weekly homework support system “Homework Done”.

In high school 

  • Creation at home for the start of the 2023 school year, a module for reconciliation with mathematics in second grade in each high school (general and technological high school and vocational high school); li>
  • Make the hour and a half of mathematics compulsory in the first general class for all students who have not opted for mathematics. for the specialty mathematics.

To combat gender stereotypes and encourage gender equality. girls-boys At school, particularly in the learning of mathematics, the government is planning overall actions to promote and revalorize scientific orientations among young girls in educational establishments. Objective? Achieve gender parity girls-boys by 2027 in the specialties of mathematics, physics-chemistry and expert mathematics and moving towards gender parity for other scientific courses: engineering sciences, digital and computer sciences.

From the start of the school year in September 2023, all 6th grade students without exception must benefit from an additional hour of French or maths per week in replacement of technology time. A circular has been issued. published by the Ministry of National Education on this point, on January 12, 2023. The objective: to improve the general level of students, estimated too low. Upon entry to college, the ministry in fact noted that one in four students did not have the required level. in French, and one in three in mathematics.

  • Concretely, what will this extra hour look like? From September, all 6th grade middle school students will have either an hour of support for those in greatest difficulty, or an hour of in-depth study for those most at risk. comfortable. The idea is to divide the students into small groups and by levels, at different levels. based on last year's grades in CM2 and national assessments taken at the end of the year. the start of the sixth grade.
  • What will be the different working groups? There will be, on the one hand, support groups for students in difficulty, which the ministry would rather like to see supervised by teachers of the ;voluntary schools, paid specially for this task and accustomed to transmit the fundamentals. On the other hand, for so-called in-depth groups, therefore aimed at students at a higher level of learning. comfortable, the weekly hour will be supervised by the college teachers themselves.
  • What will the groups work on? Each group will work on a specific segment of French or maths, depending on the difficulties or facilities of the 6th grade: reading, vocabulary, spelling, geometry, calculation, fractions… 
  • Will we be able to change groups? At the end of the term, students who have progressed will be able to change groups and thus move from support to support; in-depth study, from French to math or vice versa.
  • This "extra hour" the map" does she add to this? students' timetable? No, this hour does not really constitute an extra hour in the students' timetable. It takes the place of technology, a subject which disappears from the program at the start of college. The ministry assures, however, that there will be no elimination of teaching positions. And promises a strengthening of technology in the following years, in 5th, 4th and 3rd.

Changes to the history program and that of civic education ?

The program of other subjects must also be reviewed according to Emmanuel Macron, in particular that of history and geography. Without considering major changes, the Head of State wants the program to follow a chronological order in all classes. However, this measure is already in place. the norm, in theory. But above all the executive wants to give weight to the teaching of civic education which must become an “essential subject”. To do this and to train the "Republicans of tomorrow" : "Each week, a large fundamental text on our values ​​will be read in each class then debated.

Measures have been taken announced in August 2022 when Emmanuel Macron admitted to the rectors of academies that the teaching profession was "insufficiently recognized" . Better pay had been offered. promised with the announcement of a starting salary of 2000 euros net monthly and a 10% salary increase for all teaching. This latter revaluation is however not equal for all teachers.

At the start of the 2023 school year, teacher salaries will increase by 5.5% on average according to a document issued by the Ministry of National Education. Young holders who have between one year and fifteen years of experience will benefit more from this increase with 138€ à 222€ in addition to their monthly net salary, for teachers at the longer career the increase will be 95€.

These increases planned in the "base" can be supplemented by the "teacher pact" which provides remuneration for professors who accept additional missions. Each mission adding 18 hours of work over the year – half an hour per week depending on the ministry – is paid at height of 1250€ raw. "It's about joining forces for the success of students, and paying up for it. 50% more per lesson hour for a teacher who does eighteen hours of replacement work per year" defended the minister adding that "the pact is not a salary increase measure", but"an additional remuneration".

The start of the 2023 school year suffers from recruitment difficulties and a lack of teachers. Complication which ministry attempted to to respond by resorting to contract teachers and thanks to the “teacher pact”. This system should encourage teachers to ensure replacements to limit the loss of lesson time, but teachers are not convinced by these measures. The objective of placing a teacher in front of each class from the start of the school year and throughout the year could, however, be difficult to achieve. fill.

So what to do if your child doesn't have a teacher in the weeks following the start of school? Your child will be taken care of and can stay at home. the school, which must ensure permanence. Thus, the law says that "Any school childé in a public nursery or elementary school is welcomed during school time to follow the lessons provided for in the programs. welcome when these lessons cannot be delivered to him due to the unforeseeable absence of his teacher and the impossibility of teaching him to replace it. The same applies in the event of a strike." However, the parent-teacher unions recommend that you immediately notify the rectorate, so that a replacement can take over the time slot. your child's lessons.

Going back to school has a cost, and many households benefit each year from the back-to-school allowance school fees or back-to-school bonuses. Receipt of aid is based on family income. For the year 2023, for example, those of 2021 are taken into account. The back-to-school allowance (ARS) is paid during the month of August under means-tested conditions, to families with children aged 6 to 10 years old. 18 years old educated in a public or private establishment; or in an organization distance like the Cned.

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