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BTS 2024: how it works, where to find the results

BTS 2024. Thanks to à our search engine and &agrav; our interactive map, consult the verdict of the BTS 2024 publication, by city, academy or candidate name.

The results of the BTS tests are communicated each year from mid-June to mid-June. mid-July. For the year 2024, they are knownbetween Monday June 24 and Friday July 5. In fact, unlike the baccalaureate and patent results, they are not published over a day or a week, but over an entire month. The Higher Technician Certificate, awarded depending on the results obtained The final exam assesses the acquisition of the abilities, skills and know-how specific to the profession. the specialty chosen by the student. He is à Please note that it is not delivered separately. only to candidates who have obtained a general average greater than or equal to 10/20 on all six exam papers.

The BTS, or Brevet de Technicien Supérieur, tests take place each year in May, via written and oral tests . In 2024, the common examinations for this degree took place from May 14th to May 16th. As for the tests specific to each BTS, they take place in May and June.  The (oral) remedial exams are as for them for July.

To follow the publication of the results of the latest BTS to date, use the search engine available below. In addition, the lists of those admitted to the Higher Technician Certificate can be consulted free of charge on our page, by acad&eacute ;mies and by city. Find key BTS information on this page, by navigating via the summary above. 

On their websites, the academies publish the dates and times of publication of BTS results according to the specialties. The date of publication of the results may be different depending on the specialty. Consultthe results of the BTS 2024 by academy thanks to our interactive map below, or enter a name and city to refine the admitted lists, thanks to   our search engine below.   

Academy#} Academy of Aix-Marseille#} Academy of Amiens#} Academy of Besançon#} Academy of Bordeaux#} Clermont-Ferrand Academy#} Academy of Corsica#} Créteil Academy#} Dijon Academy#} Academy of Grenoble#} Academy of Guadeloupe#} Academy of Guyana#} Réunion Academy#} Lille Academy#} Limoges Academy#} Academy of Lyon#} Academy of Martinique#} Academy of Mayotte#} Montpellier Academy#} Academy of Nancy-Metz#} Nantes Academy#} Nice Academy#} Academy of Normandy#} Academy of New Caledonia#} Orléans-Tours Academy#} Paris Academy#} Academy of Poitiers#} Academy of French Polynesia#} Reims Academy#} Rennes Academy#} Academy of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon#} Strasbourg Academy#} Toulouse Academy#} Academy of Versailles#} Academy of Wallis and Futuna 202420232022202120202019201820172016

  • Aix-Marseille Academy
  • Amiens Academy< /li>
  • Academy of Besançon
  • Academy of Bordeaux
  • Academy of Clermont-Ferrand
  • Académie de Corse
  • Académie de Créteil
  • < li>Dijon Academy

  • Grenoble Academy
  • Guadeloupe Academy
  • Academy of Guyana
  • Academy of La Réunion
  • Academy of Lille
  • Academy of Limoges
  • Academy of Lyon
  • Academy of Martinique
  • Academy of Mayotte
  • Montpellier Academy
  • Nancy-Metz Academy
  • Nantes Academy
  • Nice Academy
  • Normandy Academy
  • New Caledonia Academy
  • Orléans-Tours Academy
  • Paris Academy
  • Poitiers Academy
  • French Polynesia Academy
  • Academy of Reims
  • Academy of Rennes
  • Academy of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
  • Academy of Strasbourg
  • Academy of Toulouse
  • Academy of Versailles
  • Academy of Wallis-et-Futuna

The BTS results map above becomes colored as soon as the first results are published in an academy, depending on the rate of provisional success calculated for our care. In some academies, it is possible that the results of certain courses are published before others. This card will therefore continue à éevolve and & become colored gradually. measuring the arrival of results

  • Paris (75000)
  • Marseille (13000)
  • Lyon (69000)
  • Toulouse (31000)
  • Nantes (44000)
  • Bordeaux (33000)
  • Rennes (35000)
  • Strasbourg (67000)
  • Nice (06000)
  • Montpellier (34000)
  • Tours (37000)
  • Caen (14000)
  • Brest (29200)
  • Dijon (21000)
  • Angers (49000)
  • Amiens (80000)
  • Reims (51100)
  • Orleans (45000)
  • Metz (57000)
  • Clermont-Ferrand (63000)
  • Lille (59000)

This publication of results does not constitute an official notification. Candidates are, each year, invited to participate. consult official posting lists or their transcripts. Not included in these lists are people who did not wish to participate. see their published results. The city indicated corresponds to that of the candidate's original establishment. Source: Ministry of National Education

The BTS 2024 common tests took place from Friday, May 14 to Wednesday, May 16. To find out which locations and dates of the tests concerned them, candidates could simply consult the invitations that had been sent to their home about 3 weeks before the tests (in April). Among the few common tests that took place in mid-May, we find General Culture and Expression, or even Economics.   

For BTS candidates for whom the schooling arrangements do not correspond to their requirements. the delivery of a school booklet or a training booklet, also called “free candidates”, the session is postponed until month of September. Candidates must then take the tests for which they were initially registered for the June session.

The Brevet de Technicien Supérieur allows you to specialize in different fields. leaving high school in a particular professional field, for two years. As such, the range of choices is very wide: students can choose areas such as publishing, photography, professions in the field of photography, etc. audiovisual, as well as international trade, accounting; and management, commercial management, or as hotels and restaurants, optician, real estate agent… It's all about making a choice!

The result of the BTS is known every year in small quantities by the candidates who have embarked on the exam, aiming mainly &agrav; to quickly enter working life after the baccalaureéat. The Higher Technician Certificate, passed in two years by students after the baccalaureate, sees its conclusion arrive after a series of six compulsory written or oral tests and a defense of an internship report. Two years ago, for example, nearly 262, 600 candidates applied. s à the exam and 74.5% obtained the BTS. Generally, the results are between mid-May and the beginning of June, starting from mid-May to the beginning of June. very heterogeneous dates depending on the specialties.

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