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In recent years, lashes have soared in popularity as a definitive fashion statement. Like many other elements in the fashion world, lashes cyclically follow trends and adapt to dominant styles and seasonal vibes. Seasonal and trend-based lashes allow people to experiment with different looks and adapt to the ever-shifting atmospheres of fashion.


From the voluminous and dramatic lashes of past years to the more subtle and natural-looking lashes that currently dominate the runways, it’s evident how lashes sync with the rhythm of fashion and cater to the evolving needs of consumers. To ensure you choose the best lashes to suit your style, it’s crucial to opt for reputable brands like Kalentin. A good brand not only offers a wide range of high-quality lashes but also ensures durability, comfort, and ease of application. 

Spring/summer lash trends: light and airy styles

During spring and summer many people prefer lighter and more airy lash styles, mirroring the breezy vibes of the seasons. These lash trends typically involve softer, more natural-looking lashes that enhance the eyes without overpowering them.

Popular spring/summer lash styles embrace lightweight materials like mink or synthetic silk, known for their natural feel and delicate appearance. While still providing length and volume, lashes for these seasons lean towards subtlety, offering a feathery look rather than dramatic drama.

When choosing the right lash style for summer events, soft and fluttery lashes are ideal for weddings, enhancing natural beauty without overshadowing the bride. For beach parties, waterproof lashes withstand heat and humidity, while natural-looking lashes with a slight curl complement a casual setting. 

To complement the seasonal lash look, opt for soft, dewy skin achieved with lightweight foundation and highlighter for a fresh-faced appearance. Soft eyeshadow in neutral shades such as peach, beige, or soft pink enhances the eyes without overpowering the delicate lash style. Complete the look with a natural lip colour like nude or soft pink to keep the focus on the eyes and harmonise with the subtle nature of spring/summer lash trends.

Autumn/winter lash trends: bold and dramatic flair

As autumn and winter approach seasonal and trend-based lashes shift towards bold and dramatic styles. These seasons call for lashes that make a statement, with emphasis on volume, length, and intensity.

With the change in weather comes a change in wardrobe and makeup, and the same applies to lashes. Think about incorporating rich, deep colours and luxurious textures into your outfits to complement the boldness of your lashes. For example, pair dramatic lashes with a cosy sweater and statement coat for a chic autumn ensemble, or with an elegant evening gown for winter festivities.

When it comes to makeup, autumn and winter call for richer, more intense looks to match the boldness of the lashes. Consider adding a smoky eye or deep, vampy lip to complement the drama of your lashes. However, it’s essential to strike a balance and avoid overwhelming the face with too many bold elements. 

In colder, harsher weather, quality and durability become even more critical when choosing lashes. Opt for high-quality lashes made from durable materials that can withstand the elements. Investing in quality lashes ensures that they maintain their bold and dramatic flair, even in the harshest winter conditions.

Lash trends: tips and resources

To keep up with the latest seasonal and trend-based lashes, it’s advisable to follow makeup artists on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. These professionals often showcase new lash styles and provide valuable application tips. 


Engaging with online beauty communities and forums can also offer insights into emerging trends and popular techniques. Additionally, subscribing to beauty magazines or browsing their online platforms can provide articles, tutorials, and trend reports on lashes. 


Attending beauty events, workshops, and masterclasses hosted by leading brands or makeup professionals is another way to learn about new products and techniques. 

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