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Empathy courses: here's how it works and where they will be given in 2024!

The Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal has just announced the deployment of empathy courses in 1,000 schools starting the month of January 2024 to fight against school bullying. A practice which is based on the effective Danish method and which could become widespread throughout the world. all schools in France & next school year.

Accelerate in the fight against school bullying. Gabriel Attal decidedé to change gear regarding the empathy courses mentioned last September: "What I can announce to you today is that it will not be 100 schools but 1,000 schools in January 2024 which will host these times dedicated to learning about difference, tolerance, kindness, altéé&quot ;, he declared. at the microphone of RMC Sunday December 17. These empathy courses could allow us to respect the difference of others, the culture of appeasement when there is a conflict, à pacify things" also indicated the Minister of National Education this weekend. Now remains at your disposal. refine the contours of this new discipline, in the testing phase since 2022 in around thirty nursery schools in Ile-de-France.

À what will empathy courses look like in France ?

Empathy courses will be taught by a trained speaker or teacher. &agrav; this new practice. Scenarios will be offered to students and the teacher will be able to show illustrations to provoke discussion and reactions. Everyday scenes that force students to face new challenges. get started the place of their comrade and à realize the possible reactions of each person will be proposed to them. This method also pushes them to respond. verbalize their limits and indicate to other students when they are crossed, while consoling those for whom the activity is intended. is more delicate.

The empathy courses will last one or two hours during the week depending on the specific needs of the classes for the 1000 schools concerned in January 2024.  Several organizations will be tested before establishing an optimal formula. If the list of 1000 test schools has not been published communicated, we know where these courses will be given in September 2024: it's very simple, they will be given in all schools from France &agrav; from the start of the 2024 school year, from kindergarten. The senior program council was appointed. charged by the government to make a proposal on the time that should be devoted to the project. &agrav; this new discipline in the long term. These empathy courses could become widespread throughout the world. all nursery classes at the start of the 2024 school year, before affecting elementary schools.

France relies on the Danish model

The Scandinavian kingdom developed a model of empathy courses for around twenty years. It's called "Fri for Mobberi" (freedom from harassment). According to 20 Minutes, "she is speaking to  children aged 0 à 9 years old and is provided in 60% of nursery schools and 45% of elementary schools. The aim of this course is to raise students' awareness of the the word of the other.

Concretely, the empathy courses turn out to be workshops where empathy courses can be used. Schoolchildren experiment with behavioral situations in the form of games. "It is essential that adults are present to guide children and show them what strategy to adopt in situations that could escalate" ;, explained to the Monde Charlotte Helbo Lund, an advisor to Danish specialist schools in harassment.

In Denmark, school bullying has seen a significant decline in twenty-five years according to Le Monde. In 1998, a third of students aged 11 and a fifth of those aged 15 ;nbsp;years claimed to be victims. In 2020, this figure had risen to &agrav; less than one in ten. Likewise, the number of students who admit to bullying other children has fallen sharply. by almost half, going from 50% to 50%. 3%. An example on which Gabriel Attal and France intend to follow in an attempt to significantly reduce harassment in the country's schools.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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