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What is this painting by Cesari that shocked students in class ? Why will they be punished ?

A French teacher was appointed. accused of racism and provocation à against students in the class after having presented a work by Giuseppe Cesari as part of a short on art, representing five naked women. The minister announced disciplinary measures.

A simple course turns à the controversy. Thursday, December 7, a French teacher from Jacques-Cartier College à Issou (Yvelines) presented  oacute; a painting by Giuseppe Cesari à his 6th grade class as part of a lesson on art. This work, "Diane and Actéon", represents the bodies of five completely naked women. From then on, some students shocked by the scene turned away. the look because the representation of this painting was not "in agreement with their beliefs". Shortly after, defamatory rumors recognized as such were spread. issued in the establishment.

These rumors targeted the teacher, who, according to these allegations, made racist remarks and questioned her. students of the Muslim faith in an attempt to make them feel bad about themselves. comfortable. Of "defamation" in the words of another college teacher from our colleagues at Actu.fr: &quot ;She never said çthat, but the damage is done. We are dealing with à some vindictive parents, who prefer to believe their children's word rather than ours. Our colleague needs to be protected. We must protect it! The same day, discussions continued between students and the head teacher. The exchange would have demonstrated that the invectives à The teacher's destination were indeed untruths on the part of the students. The professor has already done so. asked functional protection to obtain legal aid from the National Education.

The Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal visited the site on Monday December 11 to speak with the community. educational to try to understand the malaise in which this establishment has found itself for many months. The latter launchedé "a disciplinary procedure " the location of the students who are responsible for this situation and have also admitted the facts. "A CPE position, but also reinforcements regarding education and AESH assistants" as well as school life teams will be set up" indicates the Minister of National Education. Finally, an academic team "values ​​of the Republic" will be deployed at Jacques-Cartier College.

Facts which recall the assassination of Samuel Paty

"We are very afraid for our colleague, çit reminded us´ Samuel  Paty", confides a teacher from this Yvelines college, always at his disposal. Actu.fr. How can we not make the link with the tragic death of Samuel Paty à Conflans-Sainte-Honorine three years earlier ? Since October 2023, 14 acts (attacks on laity, people, & security or property, racism) have already été recorded in this establishment which had alerted the deputy academic director of national education services on December 1st.

He then reported "multiple slanderous statements and acts of defamation from students and parents & “students towards staff”. During the 2022/2023 school year, only three incidents of this type had been reported. signaled. A figure which attests to the rise in power of this type of phenomenon. 

This letter also highlights the questioning of pedagogical practices as well as situations of unhappiness in the classroom. ;egrave;ves. The correspondence of the principal à its hierarchy even speaks of a "mail threatening death and rape" circulating between students. A parent sent an email to the principal of the college accusing the teacher of having prevented his son to express himself during art class. The teachers of the Yvelinois college have practiced their right of withdrawal the day after the incident, Friday December 8, 2023.

What is this work by Giuseppe Cesari?

Diane and Actéon, work of the Italian painter Giuseppe Cesari known as the Cavalier d'Arpin has é té made in the first quarter of the 17th century. A mythological scene, it represents the drama of Actéon, taken from of Ovid's Métamorphoses. For having surprised Diana and her nymphs bathing, Actéon was devouredé by his pack after having been transformed in deer. It has been one of the favorite themes of painting since the Renaissance. There are two versions of this painting today, one in the Louvre Museum & Paris and the other at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest.

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