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This is what the uniform tested at school in France will look like

The Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal announced experimenting with uniforms back to school in 2024. But at the start of the 2024 school year. what will it really look like? We tell you everything.

À what the brand new uniform that your children will wear at school will look like from the start of the 2024 school year ? C' is the question that all parents and schoolchildren are asking themselves since the Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal announced the establishment of a major experimentation with the uniform in schools, colleges and high schools. Certain voluntary establishments will be designated by the government to participate in the program. This testing phase which could even begin next spring for the most interested establishments. The account à The countdown is started. !

First of all, each student will have to do their homework. A kit is available at the start of the year. It will be composed of: 5 polo shirts, 2 pants or skirts and 2 sweaters. Personalization will be possible. Indeed, a badge or logo can be applied to your item. on sweaters with the name or emblem of each establishment. Please note, each community could have a say in the way its kits are put together. For example, it will be possible to order only the polo shirt and the sweater. The price of this kit ? 200 euros. Families will have nothing to worry about. pay. 50% of the cost will be financed by the State, the other half by the community local authority depending on the type of establishment: the town hall for schools, the department for colleges or the region for high schools.

All parents know this and already have it. made the experiment, a piece of clothing, çwas damaged, and not just a little. Voilaà why, every child will have the right to a new change of clothing per year. A replacement that can be requested if the polo shirt, for example, becomes too short after multiple machine washes, or if it is damaged. , or torn. Before launching the uniform, each establishment will be required to validate the project by the board of directors or school, then register the measure in the internal regulations of the establishment.

To try to get an idea of ​​the future uniform that will be proposed; &agrav; our toddlers, let's take a look à what has already happened été made this year. À the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul private school, & Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), Since 2014, the uniform is obligatory in this establishment! A blue polo shirt with the school name embroidered on it. in green.

This is what the uniform tested at school in France will look like

For bottoms, in this school, families are free to choose between jeans, Bermuda shorts, leggings or even a skirt. Only one condition: it must be blue, like the top imposed on it. by the school. Voilaà an idea that could guide the government in its uniform project. For parents, it's over! the morning bun combs to find out if the white blouse would go better with the red or green skirt. Other good news and not the least: savings for the wallet!

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