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School uniform: 5 polo shirts, 2 pants... Here's what awaits the children concerned

Experimenting with the uniform at home The school details: the clothes, the cost of the operation and the list of establishments concerned ;s begin &agrav; reveal oneself.

At the microphone of France Info on Wednesday December 6, Gabriel Attal revealed a series of measures to raise the level of French schoolchildren and to fight against discrimination at school. school. One of the key measures announced by the Minister of Education concerns the wearing of uniforms in educational establishments. < /p>

According to information sent by the Ministry of Education to the local authorities concerned, relayed by France Info, families will receive five polo shirts, two sweaters and two pairs of pants. for each child. This outfit, the cost of which is estimated at around 200 euros, will be given free of charge to families, the idea & as long as the uniform is half financed by the State, then in addition by the communities ;s local: the town hall, the region or the department.

The uniform will be unique in France but will still be "customizable" &agrav; local level. For example, it will be possible to apply a badge. Furthermore, all children will be entitled to a new change of clothing per year. Particularly if the part in question is damaged or too short, as specified above. the local authorities questioned by France info.

The ministry's uniform project which should be implemented from September 2024 in the   The establishments concerned are not yet definitive. It has not yet been released. preciseé whether girls and boys will wear exactly the same uniform, whether a sports set will be available or whether a summer version will be available. with skirts and Bermuda shorts will be planned.

Will kindergarten students be provided with a blouse or apron ? Meetings of work on the subject is still planned at the Ministry of National Education: it is also a question of knowing the age at which from which the uniform will be obligatory, in its entirety. or gradually. All answers to this question these questions should be defined in the coming days, according to France Info.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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