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Éric Masson affair: the accused gives his version of the facts and denies any murder

Ilias Akoudad, main accused in the Eacute;ric Masson case, denies the accusations against him, this Monday before the Vaucluse Assize Court.

He denies the facts. Ilias Akoudad, 23, is accused of of murder and attempted murder of a person holding authority public, in this case Éric Masson, you&eac; on a point of deal à Avignon on May 5, 2021. I. Akoudad is judged; this Monday, January 19 before the Vaucluse Assize Court and continues to proclaim his innocence the opening of the trial.

"I contest the facts with which I am accused"

The main accusedé denies having killed brigadier Éric Masson with two shots in the Cité of the Popes, almost three in back. "I contest the facts with which I am accused" indicated the young man this Monday morning. "I stand by my statements" he saidé after the course facts. Defended by Master Franck Berton, he faces life imprisonment.

He is not the only one to appear in this case, two other individuals are accused, one is free, Ayoub Abdi, the other detained in the part of another affair, Ismaël Boujti. They will be tried for stealing a criminal from custody. arrest or searches. The first âgé 23 year old accompaniedé the shooter on the day of the incident and fled with him. The second, 24 years old, lent him a loan. his cellar which served as a clandestine delicatessen. Both "pleadé guilty" indicates La Provence this Monday.

Former colleagues of 'Éric Masson present at the conference the audience

Around twenty police officers came to attend the trial this Monday to pay tribute to the accused. their former colleague. The Avignon police station issued them with absence certificates to follow the entire duration of the hearing. On the side civil parties, ''Éric Masson's partner, his brother, his sister, his father" were present. "All have drawn faces and reddened eyes and many do not take their eyes off the accused" reports France Bleu PACA. The hearing should last two weeks. The verdict could be rendered on Thursday February 29, 2024.

Reminder of the facts

As a reminder, on May 5, 2021, Éric Masson and a teammate controlled a deal point & Avignon. Around 6:30 p.m., several shots targeted Eacute;ric Masson, the brigadier collapsed and died a few moments later. Four days later, an arrest took place on the highway towards Spain, two young people were arrested.

Ilias Akoudad is designated as the shooter by at least two witnesses: the second individual present at the time of the facts and during their flight, as well as the teammate ;ric Masson. Gunshot residue was found. found on I's clothing. Akoudad and his phone limited in the street of drama à the time of the events. Since the start of the investigation, the main accused has insists that he was not present on rue du Râteau.

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