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Eric Masson case trial: Ilias Akoudad sentenced to 30 years in prison

The 22-year-old man, who confessed to during the trial having killedé the brigadier, had asked "sorry", this Friday, &agrave the family of the police officer killed&eac; &agrav; Avignon.

Judged for two weeks by the Vaucluse criminal court, Ilias Akoudad has been arrested. condemned &agrav; thirty years in prison for the murder of police officer Eric Masson, this Friday, March 1. A less severe sentence than that required by the general attorney, who had requested life. In May 2021, during a surveillance operation of a deal point at Avignon, the police officer had been arrested. shot, fatally hit by two bullets.

The young man was é condemned for "murder of a person holding authority public" and "attempted murder of a person holding authorityé public". "It's a verdict which is not a verdict of elimination (…) The court of' #39;assises estimated (…) that obviously Mr. Akoudad should one day be able to regain his freedom. It's a courageous decision and also full of humanity", greeted' Me Frank Berton, the lawyer for the accused. 

"The sanction takes into account à both gravityé facts, 30 years of criminal imprisonment, it's not nothing, it's one of the heaviest sentences, indicated' oacute; Me Philippe Expert, the lawyer for Eric Masson's relatives. After the verdict, the Minister of the Interior G&rald Darmanin also reacted to ;té rendered,” he commented, adding that “touching " a policeman, &agrav; a gendarme means hurting France.

Ilias Akoudad ended up admitting to being responsible for the death of police officer Eric Masson, more than two years after the events. Throughout the investigation period and the first week of the trial, beginning on February 19, he had never stopped to deny being the author of the fatal shots and had assured having taken the two police officers for drug dealers at the time of the events. But he finally admitted to having shot the gun. on Eric Masson during the hearing on Monday February 26. The battery had maintained, however, that he was unaware of the policeman's profession when he saw him. with his weapon. 

The defense of Ilias Akoudad had not contacted the prosecutor of the Republic of Avignon who had requested ; the maximum sentence during these requisitions this Thursday, February 29: criminal imprisonment at perpetuity accompanied by a period of security 22 years old. "Éric Masson wasé executed without warning by an individual drunk with violence, proud of the gesture accomplished, declaredé the magistrate during the hearing. According to Florence Galtier, "these confessions wereé perfectly orchestrated, perfectly mediatised with the aim of avoiding the period of safety and security. of 22 years old reports Le Parisien. "We didn't need his statement. By the geolocation of his phone, we are absolutely sure and certain that he was there, that he had sold a dose shortly before. We are sure and certain that it was he who shot the gunman. with the gunshot residue found on these clothes similar to the projectile fired, added the representative of the prosecution to support her argument.

The prosecution had put à ill-fated the defense of Ilias Akoudad who had ensured that he ignored the profession of Eric Masson and had justified his actions. possession of a firearm fired by the fact of having suffered several shooting attempts in the past. When the battery is charged had explained, Wednesday February 28, that he had acted under the influence of panic, the prosecutor had contested:  "Everyone knows who is dealer and who is a police officer. À at no time can we confuse. In the neighborhood, everyone knows who is who. 

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