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Éric Masson trial: twist, the accused makes unexpected confessions

Since the tragedy that occurred three years ago, Ilias Akoudad, accusedé of the murder of Brigadier Éric Masson, denied the facts with which he was accused.

"Yes, it was me who shot" on the policeman." These words are those of Ilias Akoudad, main suspect in the case of the murder of police officer Eric Masson, 36, killed of two balls on May 5, 2021 in the city center of Avignon, on a deal point where he intervened. Three years after the tragedy, the one who is currently being tried before the Vaucluse criminal court and who until then had been sentenced to death. always denied the facts with which he was accused, and even up to the point of his presence on the scene, according to Le Figaro, finally passed away. confessions. 

Confessions which were expected, in addition of course to being hoped for by the victim's relatives, while since one week and the start of the trial, says La Dépêche, the hearings were more and more damning for Ilias Akoudad. However, the 22-year-old young man assured  that he was unaware of the police status of the individual he shot. "I never had any knowledge of the quality of this product. of policeman. “I would have known, we would have continued our journey,” he said. during the hearing this Monday, February 26, as reported by Noon free

Why did Ilias Akoudad finally pass? to confessions ?

Explaining that upon arriving at rue du Râteau, "we [had] informed him that that there were people who went to see customers to serve them, and that this is also why it would have happened precipitated on site, Ilias Akoudad returned to the facts. He toldé that Eacute;ric Masson had very well understood that he did not know that he was was a police officer. "When I asked if he was smoking, he laughed. and he said to me: 'Come'", he remembered. After approaching of the police officer, Ilias Akoudad claimed to have asked him  what he had to offer sell.

Là, Éric Masson would have shown him; a bag grabbed earlier à a buyer. The police officer allegedly asked him to what he would give him. "I said 10 euros and there he gave me' ;nbsp;said: 'Wait!' I put my hand in the bag, took out the gun and gave him I explained the situation, that [it] was a deal point, that he [was] not going to do anything about it. “sell here and go elsewhere”, detailed Ilias Akoudad, relaysFree lunch. Face &agrav; the weapon,  Éric Masson would still not have declined; his profession, has again assuredé the battery. 

If Ilias Akoudad passedé According to his confession, it was above all because çit hurt him to see Mr. Masson's family as ça", he said . The young man, who faces life imprisonment, spoke on Monday while his mother was being questioned. the bar. As Le Figaro points out, Ilias Akoudad will be à in turn questioned Wednesday. The opportunity, without a doubt, to return to his new version of the facts.

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