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Everything you need to know about the folding Apple product (spoiler: it's not an iPhone)

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TFI Securities specialist analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has just dropped a little bomb in the world of tech. Apple's first folding screen would thus see the light of day shortly, with large-scale production which would begin in 2027. As a reminder, this calendar is also getting closer to the arrival date supposed new MacBooks with OLED panel. Moreover, for our source of the day, it is actually a 20.3-inch display which could arrive within about three years. Omdia, a research firm, had already mentioned this potential diagonal as recently as last month. Our colleagues from iPhon.fr reported the information on February 22, in their columns.

Coming back to Ming-Chi Kuo's words, know that he mentions here the case of a MacBook. It is therefore this range which would benefit for the first time from Apple's foldable screen technology, which the company has been developing internally for many years (patents prove it in the United States). United). Regarding the folding iPad or the flexible iPhone, an alternative hypothesis to Google's Pixel Fold, no precise release schedule has reached us for the moment. It is therefore possible that the laptop will see the light of day before these two other possible projects, which have also been subject to their share of rumors in the past.

What will this new device look like?

In the patents filed by Apple, we can see a laptop similar to the design of the MacBook Pro but without the slightest physical keyboard on the front. Instead, the manufacturer would like to replace the scissor mechanism keys with a large touchscreen. The same goes for the trackpad, which allows you to move with the mouse within the macOS interface. The whole thing would then act as a single diagonal with the operating system display.

Yet another document, still filed with the USPTO, suggests that an iMac would be inspired by this concept to avoid having to be delivered with a Magic Keyboard to connect to or a Magic Mouse ( Apple wireless mouse). But of course, let us remember that such diagrams do not allow us to be assured of the presentation of this type of product. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see Cupertino develop new technologies which, ultimately, never see the light of day. The proof with the connected, electric and autonomous car of the Titan project.

Ming-Chi Kuo does not say more about the exact release date of this future foldable MacBook. Please note, however, that mass production begins approximately six months before the first pre-orders from end customers. We can therefore imagine that a laptop of this type will be presented to the general public during the Worldwide Developer Conference, the Apple firm's usual big meeting for publishers and journalists. For release in September, the date when high-end iPhones and new Apple Watch models are generally announced.

A relatively reliable source

If we are relaying the words of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today, it is because the Taiwanese has regularly been right in the past (around eight times out of ten). In addition, his predictions are closely followed by many investors who have bet on AAPL stock on the Wall Street stock exchange.

Today, the latter is worth around $170 at the time of writing. But estimates from specialist researchers suggest that California's share price could reach up to $250 by the end of the year. Thanks, it seems, to the high-level performance recorded by the launch of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. But not only that, because, let's remember, it's still the iPhone that makes the most money for Apple. In second place among its most profitable revenues, we find services, as with Apple Music, a direct competitor to Spotify and Deezer in mainland France.

  • A folding MacBook could arrive in stores at the end of 2027
  • The folding iPhone may be released even later
  • The analyst who considers it is quite reliable, as a general rule

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