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Femicide in Montpellier: what we know about the victim and the murderer

“Femicide in Montpellier: what we know about the victim and the murderer”

A 72-year-old man killed his 66-year-old ex-wife, this Tuesday, February 20, before the Montpellier judicial court. Divorced since 2016, they had an appointment with a family affairs judge.

"The final report shows two deaths." Tuesday, February 20,  "gunshots in front of the judicial court" have generated the intervention of the police, informed the H'H'rault prefecture, before establishing the final assessment of this dark affair. The events took place early in the afternoon, around 2 p.m. An elderly man 72 year old arrived army on the square in front of the judicial court whereù he had a meeting with his ex-wife, aged 66. Army with a pistol, the ex-husband shot her in his ex-wife's head, killing her. Then he returned. the gun against him and fired again while he was aiming at his own head.

During a press conference, a few hours after the events, the prosecutor of the Republic of Montpellier, Fabrice Belargent , specifiedé that the two protagonists had been divorced since 2016 and had an appointment in court this Tuesday as part of civil proceedings for the liquidation of property. The facts took place at outside the court before passing through the security gates, the man was waiting for his ex-wife in front of the courthouse.

The public prosecutor gave the decision few details on the tragedy that occurred at Montpellier. But he indicated; that the man responsible for the shooting was not known to the police and that there were no known procedures for violence marital relations between the two ex-spouses and there was no protection order either. The man did not have any prior history allowing him to anticipate the transition to the next generation. the act. According to information from France Bleu Hérault, the man practiced sports shooting.

The path of femicide considered

The preferred path at the moment is that of feminicide followed by suicide, reports the AFP. "We are not dealing with terrorism at all", but about a case concerning "a man and a woman who were separating" , aprecisedé &agrav; AFP a source close to the authorities.

The Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, said he was "horrifiedé by the femicide which took place before the Montpellier court this afternoon" and addressed his thoughts "&the victim and   his loved ones.

After the gunshots were reported, the police intervened quickly as did the Samu and the firefighters, including the R' activity was é greeted by the public prosecutor. The people who were à inside the court were arrested. confined before being evacuated via the parking lots after the shots. oacute;summer triggered. In a press release, the magistrate confirmed; that the final results showed two deaths. The perimeter has been improved. looped during the intervention of the police. If the event is over according to the prefecture, the area remains secured by the police.

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