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Investigation into the death of Maureen Breau: appeals presented | Louiseville tragedy: the death of Maureen Breau

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The hearings continue Tuesday at the Trois-Rivières courthouse. (Archive photo)

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On the sixth day of the investigation aimed at clarifying the circumstances of the sergeant's death Maureen Breau, the coroner, made two telephone calls on Tuesday which led her to say that there are “many people who have escaped” in the Isaac Brouillard Lessard file.

The two calls date back to January 31, 2022. First, there was that of psychiatrist Marc Tannous to the Trois-Rivières police. During this call, Dr. Tannous said he was very afraid because he had just told his patient that he would be recommending to the Mental Disorders Review Board that his freedoms be reduced, which put the patient in a state of anger.

Dr Tannous describes Isaac Brouillard Lessard as being very disorganized and specifies that he has already attacked people.

He then asks the police to go and evaluate the patient to see if he meets their criteria allowing them to submit a request for provisional custody and if they judge that he presents a danger to himself or to others under Law P-38.

I would like him to be evaluated by the police so that the police can judge whether they have the criteria to apply a P-38 to take him to the Trois-River hospital. Rivières and that he possibly be transferred to Saint-Jérôme for hospitalization.

A quote from Extract from the telephone call from Dr. Marc Tannous to the Trois-Rivières police on January 31 2022

Louiseville tragedy: the death of Maureen Breau< /h3>

Consult the complete file

Louiseville tragedy: the death of Maureen Breau

Consult the complete file


That day, when the police intervened, they found Isaac Brouillard Lessard in a calm state, in no way aggressive. They judged that they did not have the grounds to return him to a health establishment.

The coroner's investigation allows us to understand that in fact, Dr Tannous had the tools allowing him to impose a stay in a health establishment. The coroner cited as an example the testimony of DPCP lawyer Jean-Marc Poirier on Monday, who reported the lack of reference by the healthcare teams regarding the legal levers at their disposal.

Moreover, during his testimony at the start of the investigation, Dr. Marc Tannous admitted that he did not know that he held this power.

This made the witnesses who came to speak Tuesday at name of the Ministry of Justice and the Commission for the Examination of Mental Disorders that the solution must irremediably involve training and better circulation of information.

The coroner also heard the dispatcher's call to the police who asked a patrol officer to intervene, after the call from Dr. Marc Tannous. The patrol officer asks if we know when the individual attacked people? To which the dispatcher replies that he does not have the information, before adding that the individual has mental health problems.

It sets the table for what's to come with the police in March, said coroner Géhane Kamel about knowledge of backgrounds and how these are communicated between healthcare personnel and police forces.

Géhane Kamel expressed his concern. She launched a call for accountability to institutions, organizations and everyone. I would like us to ask ourselves the question of what is happening alongside the rest of us. She argues that an individual with a mental health problem should never be someone else's problem.

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