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The SQ puts an end to the activities of distributors of illegal TV signals

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Searches take place in Laval, Saint-Eustache, Longueuil, Brownsburg-Chatham and Gatineau.

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Radio-Canada has learned that the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) has arrested at least five suspects linked to the purchase and illegal distribution of decoders using IPTV technology which make it possible to hijack Bell, Videotron and Rogers signals.

Searches which targeted the distribution network of the two companies took place in Laval, Saint-Eustache, Longueuil, Brownsburg-Chatham and Gatineau.

IPTV technology is simple and has been around for around fifteen years. It's a technology that uses the Internet to redistribute TV signals. After subscribers have a decoder on their televisions, they are able to see the channels that interest them, explained Bruno Guglielminetti, host of the Mon Carnet digital podcast.

They mainly target the distribution network of the company Arubox.TV and Stocker IPTV which provide television signals by IP technology, the use of decoders sold to the public has been deemed illegal by investigators from the Asset Recovery Office criminals of the SQ.

There are many specialty channels which normally require payment. Basically… it's criminal to have access to a service that you should pay for… Without paying for it.

A quote by Bruno Guglielminetti, host of the Mon Carnet digital podcast

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According to our information, the two main suspects in this second phase are Éric Grenier and Danick Rouleau. They were the subject of an arrest warrant with alleged accomplices, Sarah-Maude Grenier, Christian Sabourin, Marie-Ève ​​Poliquin Karaguioules, Daniel Perreault-Marcotte, Patrick Cyr and Éric Laforge, spread across several cities.

What they are accused of is stealing television signals. And redistribute them to customers. We are talking about more than 7,000 subscribers via monthly payment, said Lieutenant Danny Laflamme, of the Criminal Assets Recovery Office of the Sûreté du Québec.

Grenier is considered a former member of the Red Devils City, a farm club of the Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels. He is identified as the owner of Arubox.TV.

Rouleau, considered his associate, is also targeted by the police in this rare large-scale investigation into the hijacking of television signals. At the same time, he operated his own channel distribution company under the name Stocker IPTV.

According to the police, the some 7,000 subscribers of Arubox.TV and Stocker IPTV come from several regions, across Quebec.

These subscribers could receive a letter from the SQ asking them to report to stop using diverted TV signals.

A monthly subscription of $25 for the purchase of an illegal decoder selling for up to $300 each on the Arubox.TV website allowed a customer to have access to 3,500 channels from Quebec , Canada and the United States.

The suspects managed to hijack the signals via central computer by redistributing them to numerous decoders sold individually with IPTV technology.

SQ investigators believe that the stratagem of the two companies has been able to bring in over $2 million annually to their owners for almost four years. This is without counting the sale of hundreds of illegal decoders for profit.

These are generally non-violent crimes. So… the courts are very lenient towards these people. And the income is staggering, commented André Gélinas, former detective sergeant in the Criminal Intelligence Division at the SPVM.

The Radiophony Project began in 2021 with the filing of a complaint by BCE to the SQ.

In May 2023, a first phase of search allowed the SQ to gather evidence and request blocking orders targeting bank accounts belonging to Éric Grenier.


Still according to our information, the SQ would not exclude that the scheme of hijacking television signals allowed the Hells Angels to receive a rebate on the profits generated.

Police surveillance operations had made it possible to recognize members in good standing in Grenier's entourage.

This is not surprising, because the Hells Angels or any criminal organization is diversifying . They do what we call social parasitism. That is to say that any opportunity to make money is good.

A quote from André Gélinas, former detective sergeant in the Criminal Intelligence Division at the SPVM

Downloading or misappropriating television signals or works for the purpose of distributing them for profit is prohibited by law.

The accused appeared by videoconference at the Trois-Rivières courthouse to face several counts of fraud against the companies Bell, Rogers and Quebecor, criminal trafficking of goods obtained, theft of telecommunications service, misdeeds with regard to computer data, laundering the proceeds of crime, of having deprived the cable distributors of an amount of more than $500,000 per deception, lies and fraudulent means.

Éric Grenier, who was outside the country at the time of the final phase of the criminal investigation in the morning, remains the subject of an arrest warrant.

The 7,000 subscribers of Arubox TV and Stocker IPTV are not targeted by the criminal investigation. At least not for the moment. They have been instructed by the police to get rid of their decoder to stop using illegal signals.

Subscribers are invited to return their terminal to an official drop-off point of the Quebec Electronic Products Recycling Program. For the list of drop-off points : https://lesserpuariens.com/

If citizens have information to transmit to the Sûreté du Québec in connection with the companies AruboxTV and StockerIPTV, they can contact the Criminal Information Center at 1 800 659-4264.

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