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Flooding: more than 135 millimeters

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At the Le Genévrier campsite, several chalets were flooded. The campers have all been evacuated.

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Several rivers burst their banks on Sunday morning in Charlevoix, where the heavy rains of the last 24 hours caused many watercourses to swell. The Le Genévrier campsite, which was devastated by floods in May, was again flooded by the waters of the Mares river.

According to Environment Canada, 135 millimeters of rain fell in the Baie-Saint-Paul region in the space of a few hours. The most significant rain accumulations have passed according to the organization.

The Le Genévrier campsite was flooded for the fourth time this year. Campers had to evacuate the premises as a preventative measure. However, there were no injuries.

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Already, the equivalent of $300,000 worth of clean-up work has been carried out in the area, due to previous flooding. Unfortunately, the Mares River, which crosses the campsite, has once again found its way out of its bed.

Major works to better dig the river bed will be necessary according to one of the campsite's shareholders, Bruno Labbé. Despite everything we have done this summer, the river is overflowing its banks. This tells us that we must make major and urgent interventions if we want to ensure the sustainability of the Juniper tree.

Sunday morning, the water measuring station of the Gouffre River located in Saint-Urbain, north of Baie-Saint-Paul, reported a major flood. Around 4 p.m. Sunday, the situation stabilized. Civil Security, however, monitored the level of the river.

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At 10:45 a.m. Sunday, the water in the Gouffre River was particularly high.

In Baie-Saint-Paul, a protective wall helped prevent a lot of damage, as mentioned by the mayor of the municipality, Michaël Pilote. We have already started some initial work, but it cannot be done by shouting scissors, we must remember that May 1st has only been a few months, recalls the mayor who at the same time ensures that his municipality does not skimp on the means to ensure the safety of Baie-Saint-Paulois.

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A protective wall is installed to protect several houses in Baie-Saint-Paul.

In Saint-Urbain, a chalet was swept away by the waters, but fortunately no one was injured.

Mayor Claudette Simard believes that this flood reminds us of the extent to which preparation is crucial to ensuring the safety of the population.

We are going to prepare better, I can't say that we won't was not well prepared but you feel very alone when you don't have the equipment and staff you need.

The municipality of Petit-Saguenay, in Bas-Saguenay, is also isolated, because Route 170 is inaccessible. Several tens of millimeters of rain have been received so far in this area. However, it is not possible to obtain the exact amount of rain received, due to the absence of weather stations.

With Raphaël Beaumont-Drouin and Philippe L'Heureux

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