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He is the son of a French music star and is now a Ligue 1 hopeful

“He is the son of a French music star and is today a Ligue 1 hopeful”

À only 18 years old, this promising footballer from an illustrious Ligue 1 club is also the son of a strong music head…

Being the son of a star is not always an advantage. If an illustrious surname allows you to benefit from a certain notoriety; and sometimes opening certain doors, this also brings a certain pressure. Because comparisons can quickly become obstacles in the development and affirmation of one's personality. Depending on the profile and reputation of the parent, it is also difficult to get rid of a label that is a little too sticky.

This may be the situation encountered by Matisse Morville, an 18-year-old footballer who plays among the hopefuls of Ligue 1. His name certainly doesn't tell you much and yet he is the son of one of the stars of music and more precisely of French rap. Even a big mouth, since his father is none other than Didier Morville, better known under the alias of Joey Starr, former leader of the group of the 1970s. es 1990, NTM.

Unlike à his illustrious father, the young man has not chosen (for the moment) to pursue a career in music. Neither rapper, nor singer, nor actor, Matisse Morville has decided to to shine on another stage, that of sport and particularly football, another passion of his father who is a big fan of PSG. Gardien of training goal, he signedé recently signed a contract with the hopefuls of a Ligue 1 club. 

Before this signing, the young player made a move to the French side. of Auxerre, team in which Matisse Morville remained for 4 years. It will be noticed there; for a good performance during the penalty shootout of the Gambardella Cup: in the round of 16 he made two decisive saves, allowing &agrav; his team to qualify before being knocked out a few days later by Rennes during a second penalty shootout.

After passing é part of his adolescence à Auxerre, Matisse Morville therefore made the decision to leave his club and sign, in February 2023,   the age of 17, a contract with the Pro2 group and the U19 team from Stade de Reims. At 1.86m tall, he joins a historic French football club and member of the French Ligue 1 championship for several seasons.

The son of actor/singer Joey Starr is French-Senegalese. He therefore has the choice of playing for the national team of France or Senegal. If at the moment the player is still young and has time to refine his choice until he has honored the player's choice, a selection for the A of a country, Matisse Morville has already été summoned &agrav; several times with the France U18 team, but has not yet played. just one minute. The route has so far been improved. blocked by the great hope at the post, the goalkeeper of the Le Havre reserve team, Paul Argney.

In 2024, after a first season of acclimatization in a new environment, Matisse Morville is also not an indisputable holder within the Stade de Reims youth team. With only 9 starts in the first 19 matches of the season (let's add to that 3 matches on the bench, but also two suspension matches due to a red card),  Joey Starr's son must continue   prove yourself and, why not, climb the ladder.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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