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Level groups in middle school: what are the terms of this measure ?

The stopé which provides for the establishment of " groups " for French and mathematics courses at college was awarded. published this Sunday March 17 in the Official Journal. After several consultations, the Minister of National Education indicated that: that a " certain flexibility " would be granted in their implementation.

The measure was controversial. The stoppage on setting up "groups" level in mathematics and French courses was achieved. published this Sunday March 17 in the Official Journal. If the text formalizes the timetable for the measure which will take effect à from the start of the 2024 school year for sixth and fifth grade classes, then from At the start of the 2025 school year, for the fourth and third grade classes, the terms have changed. Indeed, it is no longer a question of talking about "level groups", but about "groups formed according to the needs of éstudents", can -we thus read. This denomination, contested by a large part of teachers, the Minister of National Education Nicole Belloubet had indicated prefer to use the expression "need groups" &agrav; on the occasion of an interview granted to France info, Friday March 15.

Groups re-examined during the year

Then Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal announced the establishment of these groups as part of the "clash of knowledge" aiming à raise the level of students in college. A measure which had been far from being unanimous; on the side of the teaching unions, which had no point in point out the risk of a "sort" within the students themselves. "In spirit, the level groups go " goes against the idea that students succeed by working together, by being confronted with & agrave; diversity (…) There, we will sort the students from 11 years old, assigning them to their educational level, often correlated with their educational level; &agrav; their social origin", had alertedé Sophie Vénétitay of Snes-FSU, the main secondary school teachers' union, reports Ouest France. After several weeks of consultations, Nicole Belloubet announced: that a "certain flexibility" would be granted in the establishment of these groups, while mentioning the possibility of to "bring the students together as a whole class" &agrav; certain moments, continue our colleagues. From now on, whole class groupings therefore become the exception, and mathematics and French teaching groups, the new norm .

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