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This private high school costs three times more than the best high school in France and is widely criticized

Every year, the ranking of the best high schools in France is revealed. Often well placed but also very criticized, a private high school stands out for its exorbitant prices.

Every year, a ranking of the best high schools in France is published. by several media (including Linternaute.com) & based on indicators provided by the Ministry of Education. For each of the approximately 3,800 establishments in France, these The latter take into account in particular the baccalaureate success rate during the previous session, the access rate of seconds to the baccalaureate and the baccalaureate mention rate.┬áIn 2023, the big winner in our ranking was the public establishment Louis Le Grand followed by Henri IV and the private high school  ;eacute; Stanislas. Will the private establishment keep its place this year despite the pandemic? the flood of criticism he suffered following the appointment of Am'lie Oudéa-Castera & National Education in January ? 

First point' pointed out for its very strict regulations excluding in particular "any behavior relating to intimate life" or even banning slim pants and necklaces for boys and makeup for girls, the private establishment faced several other scandals at the beginning of the year. After having beené highlighted by the schooling of the children of Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, former Minister of National Education, the high school has, in fact, been targeted by an investigation in January for sexist and homophobic insults. A former boarding school master also taught accused of "violence" such as "whips, kicks, slaps on the back of the head, tackles to the ground, insults, as well as psychological control" , as previously reported l'AFP.

Under fire, the Stanislas establishment is also known for its very high registration fees. For a year at high school, you need to count on 2416 euros, according to Le Figaro Etudiant, i.e. more than 7,000 euros for all three years of high school studies. high compared to the first two establishments in the ranking of the best high schools in France which, being public, do not charge any tuition fees.

However, if the students want to be in a boarding school, whether the establishment is public or private, it is necessary pay. The differences remain very significant between establishments. In Stanislas, you have to pay three times as much as in Paris. Louis Le Grand, yet the best high school in France, to live at home The year at boarding school is at the end of the year. 8804 euros against 2874 at maximum Louis the Great, where prices are adapted to suit your needs. the situation of families. The budgets for one year of an internal high school are therefore very different. Despite reviews and such rates, will excellence in high school success be enough to maintain high school Stanislas on the podium of the best establishments in France? Response on March 20 with the publication of the 2024 rankings.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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