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LG announces new distance record for 6G

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  • LG is already working on 6G, while 5G continues to be deployed
  • The Korean company managed to transmit data over 500 meters in using 6G terahertz, a new record
  • Discussions on the standardization of 6G should begin in 2025, while commercialization could begin in 2029

While 5G is still very new, some telecommunications players are already developing the next generation, 6G. And if we are still far (very far) from the deployment of this technology, these players regularly announce new exploits which bring us closer to this moment. For example, in a press release published this week, LG announced a new distance record, achieved during its 6G tests.

A new distance for 6G

More precisely, in collaboration with LG U+, LG Electronics indicates that for the first time, it has succeeded in achieving 6G data transmission, relying on terahertz technology, over a distance of 500 meters. LG therefore beats its old record, which was a transmission over a distance of 320 meters.

In its press release, LG underlines the importance of this new distance, which is “the standard distance for high-power base stations in urban areas”. It also highlights the fact that this transmission made it possible to validate the use of 6G in real conditions (with transmissions between buildings, from a building to the ground, or from a device on the ground to another device on the ground). ground). As a result, LG believes that the test brings us closer to finalizing the technology.

See you in 2029?

In its press release, LG does not mention speed specific. But he nevertheless affirms that 6G will allow for higher speeds, low latency and better reliability. Normally, discussions on the standardization of 6G will begin in 2025, then it will probably be commercialized from 2029.

“ We will continue to cooperate with research institutes and technology companies, and to conduct our own advanced R&D, to dominate 6G standard technology and consolidate our technological leadership in this important field,” said Dr. Kim Byoung-hoon, CTO and Vice President executive of LG Electronics.

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