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Ouch! Netflix removes its Essential offer and takes the opportunity to increase its prices

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Netflix has just simply put an end to its “Essential” in France (10.99 euros per month). Some have suspected this for several weeks now, because the maneuver has already been undertaken across the Atlantic. For small budgets, you will therefore have to settle for the ’Standard subscription with advertising”, which this time amounts to paying 5.99 euros per month – For now. For comparison, this is also the entry price requested for the similar Disney+ plan, while Apple TV+ is satisfied with a single amount of 9, 99 euros per month but without promotional campaigns on the menu.

What changes for current customers?

The good news is that French customers who are already subscribed to the “Essential” should be able to continue to benefit from it without facing any price increase. But if these same users decide to stop their plan, then they will no longer be able to find it the next time they choose a subscription. This is perhaps one of the strategies of the Reed Hastings firm to finance its amazing productions next year

Ad-free offer becomes more expensive

Consequently, it is now the Netflix “Standard” subscription, at 13.49 euros per month, which becomes the most affordable without advertising. This offer gives access to 1080p definition (Full HD) only, while you will have to pay no less than 19.99 euros per month to benefit from 4K+ in HDR. This package, which is the most expensive currently offered by Netflix in France, comes with access for six members of the same household – compared to only two for Netflix “Standard with advertising” and for Netflix “Standard”.

To benefit from more affordable prices, it is also possible to turn to the bundles offered by the MyCanal site. Also available as an Android, iOS or Google TV app, the platform provides access to other streaming services, such as Apple TV+, Arte or again Disney+ and National Geographic, with a more affordable group price than individually.

No reaction from the pirates  ?

Netflix's recent price increases do not seem to have led to a major resurgence of interest in illegal downloading of films and series, despite its obvious financial appeal.

According to the CNC (National Center for Cinema and Animated Images), the number of “pirates” has thus been decreasing since 2018, with 8.2 million fewer Internet users illegally over this period.

According to the report “status of the illegal consumption of audiovisual content in France&# 8221; of the institution, the trend is however towards a lull with a lesser decline during the first quarter of 2023. This could obviously be explained by an inflationary context which is particularly detrimental for the French portfolio .

Among the main guarantees of trust of paid streaming platforms, it is above all their user experience and their cross-platform installation which seem to continue to convince today. The rate of corrupted files present on illegal download platforms would indeed be greatly overestimated, to cite only this counter-argument.

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