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Pax Massilia (Netflix): 3 things to know about the series about Marseille which is a hit

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Launched last Wednesday, December 6, the French series Pax Massilia is a big hit for Netflix. It ranks number 1 in France according to data from the specialized site Flixpatrol. The opportunity for us to tell you everything you need to know about this original creation by Olivier Marchal which is causing a lot of reaction.

What's it about?

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This production therefore takes place in Marseille (where it was also filmed). We follow Captain Lyès Benamar who uses fairly unconventional, if not completely illegal, police methods to track down the city's criminals. He then finds himself joining Alice Vidal to help him in his investigation.

These two cops with very divergent approaches unite to track down Franck Murillo, a drug lord returning to the Marseille city. The opportunity to immerse yourself in a city prey to violence and facing an internal war against a backdrop of trafficking.

An impeccable casting

The series can boast of an impeccable cast. Special mention to Tewfik Jallab (La Marche) in the role of the policeman, and Nicolas Duvauchelle (Polisse) who here plays a Marseille drug lord. We can also cite Olivier Barthelemy (Sheitan), Lani Sogoyou (Plus Belle la vie), Idir Azougli (Stillwater), and Samir Boitard (Sam). Pax Massilia can also count on many lesser-known, but very talented, supporting roles.

A controversial series& ;nbsp;?

We will have understood, Pax Massilia does not dwell on the good sides of Marseille, but this production is rather focused on the tensions which cross the French city. During an interview with La Provence, Olivier Marchal addressed this very subject. He denies wanting to be alarmist:

Of course the Marseillais will certainly blame me, saying ‘yeah a series on Marseille again, it's a blast…’. We can't have a thriller without action and without bloodshed, we'll say, obviously it's set against the backdrop of Marseille, but I find that violence is everywhere. I used Marseille graphically.

Cited by Allociné, the filmmaker remembered filming in the city: “It was great! We had no problems. One of our collaborators found the authorizations to shoot flea markets, it was also he who took us to the Consolat city… He put us in touch with those who hold all the access to certain networks and we treated them like friends.”

He adds: “We integrated everyone (…) We stayed for about a week there and what touched me the most was that when we left, people applauded us from the windows. It was super touching”

Have you already been able to watch the series, and if so, what did you think of it? you thought? Tell us in the comments.

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