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Peaky Blinders hasn't said its last word: fans of the series will be jubilant

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In 2022, the series Peaky Blindersended, leaving all fans of Tommy Shelby and his extraordinary family orphans. This was without counting on the power of franchises and intellectual property which often work miracles. According to Bloomberg, Netflix is ​​indeed preparing to relaunch this now legendary British saga.

It is therefore not one, but two spin-offs which are in preparation if we are to believe the information provided by our colleagues who are renowned for their seriousness. A first project would take place in Boston in the middle of the 20th century, several decades after the broadcast of the original series.

Will Cillian Murphy return? ;?

A second would focus on Polly, the matriarch of the Shelby family, whose actress Helen McCrory unfortunately died in 2021. Netflix has not yet confirmed these two initiatives. It would rather be series and not films. We also know that another feature film is in preparation.

There remains one question that burns on our lips: Cillian Murphy, crowned by his success in Oppenheimer, will he be the part ? The actor raised the subject during a discussion session on the show 'All the Tired Horses', by Lisa O'Neill. For the occasion, he spoke with Margot Robbie, the two artists having had a profound impact on the cinematographic year.

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And in fact, the star of Barbie, who is a big fan of Peaky Blinders, asked him if a return of Tommy Shelby was possible as part of a spin-off film. Cillian Murphy's response was not long in coming:

I'm totally open to the idea. I also think the six seasons were perfect. It's sometimes difficult to transition to the film format, and I like the ambiguity of the ending, but I'm always open to excellent scenarios.

The fact that the Irish artist is open to a comeback should satisfy all fans. As always, you will have to be patient in any case, because unfortunately for the moment these are only speculations. For your part, and if you enjoyed the series Peaky Blinders, do you want to see spin-offs, or do you think that the conclusion was sufficient? ? Tell us in the comments.

What to remember:

  • According to Bloomberg, Netflix is ​​working on two Peaky Blinders spin-off series
  • The first would take place in Boston in the mid-20th century, the second would focus on the character of Polly
  • For his part, Cillian Murphy is open to the idea of ​​returning to the saga, if the storyline motivates him

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