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Thank you Internet: 3 things to know about the Squeezie documentary

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Last June, Prime Video took stock of its upcoming films and series by titillating its subscribers with an avalanche of tempting information. The least we can say is that influencers and content creators were in the spotlight at Prime Video Presents.

Like the documentary series Never show that to anyone dedicated to the rapper Orelsan, spectators are invited to discover Squeezie as they never saw it in Thanks Internet. For a decade, the young man has been present on the web. Far from the time when he shot his videos in his teenage bedroom, the man who is today the biggest French web videographer has grown up a lot.

10 years of filming

Before becoming the number 1 content creator in France, Squeezie worked hard. Like any good YouTube star, Lucas Hauchard (real name) started by posting videos of himself, shot in his bedroom with passable quality. It all officially began in 2008 for the teenager, who was only 12 years old at the time. But his real channel was created in 2011 on which he mainly tests video games. But one thing led to another, Squeezie diversified.

Since 2013, the young man has been followed by director Théodore Bonnet. Collaborator then loyal friend, the man who makes Squeezie's YouTube videos has not stopped filming him “off” for a decade. Finally, Thanks Internet could have been titled Never show that to the Internet.

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In Thanks Internet, we're going to delve into the last 10 years of Squeezie's life and relive his meteoric rise. Today, the content creator aims higher and even overcomes the barriers of the Internet. He has a series of big-budget concepts, he thrilled his fans with two editions of the GP Explorer, he released a rap album, he launched a clothing collection with his brother… His documentary series will be an opportunity to return about all this.

Many Internet users are wondering about the presence of Cyprien, who played a crucial role in Squeezie's journey a few years ago. The two videographers were notably at the head of the gaming channel Bigorneaux et Coquillages. If some evil tongues are having fun with the fact that Cyprien was allegedly “ousted” from life and, therefore, from the Squeezie documentary, that still remains to be seen. Indeed, if the two content creators no longer maintain a relationship, we can still quickly see them together in the trailer for Merci Internet.

Distinguished guests to comment

To comment on Squeezie's “success story”, fans of the content creator will not be surprised to see Léna Situations , Hugo Décrypte, Mister V or even Mcfly & Carlito in the trailer.

While Squeezie appeared in Never show that to anyone to talk about Orelsan, the rapper will return the favor in Thanks Internet. Obviously, his brother Florent Hauchard will be present to look back on his little brother's journey. We imagine that the documentary will have a little taste of nostalgia that will touch early Squeezie fans.

What release date for Merci Internet ?

To discover the documentary series dedicated to Squeezie, we will have to wait a little longer. Indeed, Thank you Internet will be broadcast on Prime Video from January 19, 2024. After the success of Never show that to anyone on Orelsan and given the massive popularity of Squeezie, Thank you Internet should be a nice cardboard for the platform.

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