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Squid Game: 3 exciting theories about season 2

Squid Game © Netflix

Originally, Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk only planned one season for his series . Faced with the enormous success of this original creation, Netflix finally managed to convince him to make a sequel. We can therefore ask ourselves what awaits us, and this is what we will try to do in this article with the help of elements already known.

The hero goes to save his daughter

At the end of season 1 of Squid Game, we leave Seong Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-jae) who is about to board a plane to find his daughter. He finally decides to turn back and stay in South Korea to continue fighting against the organization behind the game.

One of the many theories circulating on The Internet suggests that his daughter could have taken part in an American version of this sadistic game. He could then go to Uncle Sam to try to save her, and thus take part in a Squid Game.

Leonardo DiCaprio in the casting

Staying with this idea of ​​an American Squid Game, why not consider renowned Hollywood actors in the casting. We know the Leonardo DiCaprio rumor. Hwang Dong-hyuk once mentioned his name in an interview, but it can be assumed that it was a joke.

However, nothing would prevent us from seeing the star in the casting, even if that would require Netflix to take out its checkbook, and the scenario to be up to the task of convincing Leo to take action. We can also imagine a small cameo during season 2 in the form of a teaser for a hypothetical season 3.

The investigator continues his investigations

During season 1 of Squid Game, Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon), the police investigator South Korean hit the screen. He ends up discovering that his own brother is one of the main organizers of the game. Even if the latter fell off a cliff, we already know that the actor is in the cast of this sequel.

We could then see how the latter survived, but also find him at work with a continuation of his investigations with a view to dismantling the criminal organization which oversees the Squid Game.

< p>Of course, these are only theories, and only watching season 2 will be able to provide answers to our questions. In the meantime, we suggest you reread our previous article dedicated to Squid Game here.

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