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Qualcomm rolls out its anti-MacBook plan: what you need to know

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If Macs do not overtake Windows PCs in terms of market share, Apple has still stood out in terms of performance since it replaced the processors Intel by Apple Silicon chips. Thanks to this transition, which switches its computers to Arm architectures, the Cupertino company now offers very efficient machines, but also more energy efficient. And in an announcement published on its blog, the Qualcomm company discusses its plan to counter Macs equipped with Apple Silicon chips with a new series of processors.

Indeed, if Qualcomm is best known for its chips for smartphones, it is also present in the computer market. However, machines using Qualcomm's Arm chips have, until now, failed to compete with MacBooks. To remedy this, the American company is banking on its new generation of computer chips: the Snapdragon %5Etfw[/embed]

New branding at Qualcomm

First of all, the launch of this new brand, Snapdragon X, seems to mark a new departure for Qualcomm's PC chips. “Today, I’m excited to launch an entirely new naming architecture for our platforms, to align with how we’re revolutionizing the next generation of PC experiences” , announces Don McGuire, director of marketing at Qualcomm.

This new brand should allow consumers to better distinguish PC chips from those of Qualcomm for smartphones, and for other categories of devices. At the same time, this brand must also point out that it is a premium product, which will therefore compete with Apple Silicon chips.

Performance improvements

At the moment, Qualcomm is not providing too many technical details about its new PC processors. However, Don McGuire promises a quantum leap when it comes to performance and energy efficiency. To achieve this promise, Qualcomm will rely on a new generation of CPU called Qualcomm Oryon. Already mentioned in 2022, this novelty is based on Qualcomm's acquisition of the company Nuvia. The latter was founded by former Apple engineers, who worked on the Cupertino company's processors.

Otherwise, in addition to boosting performance, Qualcomm's new processors should also focus on artificial intelligence, thanks to the integration of a module dedicated to this technology. And unlike the Apple Silicon chips in MacBooks, the platforms offered by Qualcomm should integrate a 5G modem (like previous chips).

Arrival in 2024

Normally, this transition should start next year.“2024 will be an inflection point for the PC industry, and Snapdragon Qualcomm's marketing director.

However, we should hear more about the Snapdragon X chips this year. Indeed, Qualcomm is preparing to make a ton of announcements during its annual conference in Hawaii on October 24. This conference is usually an opportunity for the company to present its new processors for products that will be launched the following year.

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