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Return to normal in French airports after bomb threats

Charly Triballeau Agence France-Presse According to a French police source, the airports concerned are located in Lille, Lyon (Bron), Nantes, Nice, Toulouse and Beauvais.

Most French airports, with the exception of Paris, were evacuated on Wednesday following bomb threats, causing hours of delay before the situation returned to normal late in the afternoon. /p>

Bomb threats have increased in France since the assassination of a professor on Friday in the north of the country by a young radicalized Islamist. Faced with the increased risk of a new attack, the country has raised its alert level to its maximum.

The Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, warned on Wednesday that “the little puppets” who made false alarms, particularly bomb alerts, would be “found” and “punished”.

Around 6 p.m. ( 12 p.m. in Quebec), no airport was completely shut down, according to the air traffic monitoring organization Eurocontrol.

But evacuations of varying magnitude disrupted the airports of Bordeaux, Lille, Toulouse, Lyon (Bron), Nice, Nantes, Beauvais, Pau, Brest, Biarritz and Carcassonne, according to information collected by the AFP offices.

The traffic was a while completely interrupted at least in Toulouse, Beauvais, Bordeaux and Pau.

Activity generally resumed after the intervention of mine clearance teams.

The two Paris airports, Orly and Charles-de-Gaulle, on the other hand, were not affected.

Mecca of tourism in France, the Palace of Versailles was once again the target of a bomb threat on Wednesday and was briefly evacuated. The site had already had to be evacuated for the same reason on Tuesday, just like the Louvre museum in Paris on Saturday.

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