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Strike in National Education on April 2: school, middle schools, high schools... Who is mobilized ?

After the strike day of March 19, the National Education unions are calling on teachers to take action. strike again on Tuesday April 2.

Teachers' unions are calling on National Education staff to take action. a new day of strike on April 2. The last mobilization dates back to March 19 and concerned all sectors of the public service. This day of strike had identified  8.80% of teachers on strike, according to figures from the Ministry of Education. The mobilization of April 2 carries the same message as the previous ones, & know the opposition of teachers to the creation of level groups for French and mathematics lessons in sixth and fifth grade classes.

In a press release; joint union of teaching unions bringing together the Snes-FSU, the first secondary school union, the SNEP-FSU (physical and sports education), SUD Éeducation, the CGT éduc&# 39;action and the FNEC-FP FO, the latter carry the message: "We will not sort our éstudents!" These unions are demanding the pure and simple abandonment of the reform initiated by Gabriel Attal during his time at the Ministry of Education and which continues to carefully follow the progress of this project from his position as Prime Minister. The unions are calling  "amplifying mobilization& which has lasted for several months and which intensified in February with several days of strike.

The teachers' protest movement is particularly active in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis in Ile-de-France where operations "dead colleges" and strikes have been increasing since February 26. The department is facing a crisis. a significant and obvious lack of resources against unsanitary conditions numerous establishments.

For the April 2 strike, demonstrations are expected throughout the year. Paris and in several other cities in France, as Le Figaro indicates. A day which will also allow the teaching staff to once again demand an increase in salaries and more means for the entire sector. Unions emphasize the need to to make this movement long-term and specify that they "will support all renewals there' où this is possible.

In their press release, the trade union organizations denounce a “feverish” government. which "comes à go through force, by publishing texts which disregard the opinion of the profession, making reference to the publication of the official texts on level groups on March 17 in the Official Journal. The texts speak of "groups constituted according to the needs of the & ;egrave;ves". This publication is deemed "Unacceptable and irresponsible" by the unions who emphasize the need for to continue "now" mobilization.

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