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The "game of

The "comma game" consists of; give to his comrades two sharp blows the back of the neck. He is inspired by with a technical football move and went viral on TikTok. This is extremely dangerous for the neck and can lead to serious injuries.

TikTok and school lessons, a dangerous new game. On social networks and in school lessons, dangerous games follow one another. After the "scarf game" or the "scar challenge", it is now the "comma game" which worries parents.

The “comma game” consists of: give two sharp blows behind the neck, in opposite directions. He is inspired by of a technical gesture used in football. The player fakes an outside hook with the outside of his foot, but ultimately pulls the ball toward the inside of his foot to change its trajectory. In In the “comma game”, the hands are used as feet to make the head move like a ball. To do this, give two sharp, opposite blows to the blade. to the back of the skull or neck, usually by surprise.

TikTok has propelled popularity of this game

On TikTok, hundreds of videos show teenagers carrying out this violent gesture on a classmate, a little brother or a friend. These videos are viewed several thousand times. The phenomenon has existed since long before the arrival of smartphones and TikTok. Some videos have been edited. published on the platform several months ago, but it was the start of the school year that really popularized it. this movement according to Le Figaro.

This game is extremely dangerous according to the president of the French Union of Osteopaths (SFDO) Philippe Sterlingot to Le Figaro: “It’s a stupid and unnecessarily dangerous game. The neck is the junction between the brain, the mouth and the rest of the body. Arterial, venous, digestive pipes and the spinal cord pass through it. Doing this can overwhelm the body's natural defense systems and the weight of the head can create a movement that exceeds the normal capabilities of the joints. "

What is the reaction of national education?

On September 15, the mother of a student at the Élisabeth and Robert Badinter college, located in Paris. à Angresse (Landes), reported; that his son had been victim of a "game" dangerous. The school took the report seriously and reacted quickly. The next day, a message was received. sent à all parents of students via the Pronote messaging system.

The following Monday, the head of the establishment spoke in the classes to remind people of the dangerous nature of the school. of this "game" and invite the student victims to express yourself to educational staff. A grade was also given. sent to all heads of establishments in the Aquitaine region to alert them to this phenomenon and call on them to take action. vigilance.

The government must present an interministerial plan against school bullying on Wednesday September 27. This policy "is absolutely essential" according to Emmanuel Macron, during a television interview on Sunday September 24.

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