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These two essential things for learning to write are very often forgotten in schools - parents should check with teachers

“These two essential things for learning to write are very often forgotten in schools – parents should check with teachers”

Schools Do French nursery schools still properly prepare children for life? writing? A report from the General Inspectorate of Education reveals alarming gaps in the classroom…

Parents of children in nursery or primary school have certainly noticed this. the occasion of the start of the school year: school lacks everything or almost everything and this is often reflected in the lists of school supplies, which sometimes grow dangerously long. An in-depth investigation by the General Inspectorate of Education, Sport and Research (IGÉSR), carried out last spring and whose report was published té published in July 2023, revealed a more unexpected lack. This study, which went almost unnoticed in the middle of summer, nevertheless focuses on the crucial subject of teaching writing and production described in middle section and in CE2, two crucial years of students’ academic career.

Writing, one of the fundamental pillars of learning, was well worth it. To understand the state of this teaching in France, the survey focused on out of 207 classes spread across 25 academies in France, between September 2022 and May 2023. And the conclusions are food for thought.

In the middle section, students must acquire skills such as recognizing letters, making the first traces of writing by copying words and even the capacity describe their own first name without a model. An essential step, from kindergarten onwards, to prepare for learning writing at school. primary school.

From kindergarten onwards, the layout of the classroom space plays a very important role in this initiation to learning. writes it. While a clearly identified “writing corner” is one of the essentials according to education inspectors, only 22% of the classes observed had this space according to the ;investigation. Worse still: 50% of middle section classes would not reserve any specific space for graphic or writing activities. The rapporteurs insist on the need for to distinguish drawing, graphic activities and writing, both in spatial organization and in working materials.

Erasable collective supports such as slates and boards are preferred for practicing writing. But educators like Kamau Bobb assure that personalized notebooks dedicated to These activities help monitor and encourage students’ individual progress. They offer them the opportunity to students to practice, reflect and save their first attempts at writing for later comments. However, once again, only 22% of classes use this type of notebook.

Do my children have a writing space and a personal notebook in kindergarten? There you go So two questions that deserve to be asked to teachers during the traditional back-to-school meetings. Primary school is also affected. To succeed in learning to write, students also need a variety of tools. This includes methodological sheets on sentence structure to guide composition, proofreading grids to improve the quality of the text. text, as well as a word bank and dictionaries for correction.

Fortunately, 74% of CE2 classes visited during the study offered these support resources. Which still means that more than a quarter of classes do not use these tools. the disposition of students, which can hinder their progress.

In short, the teaching of writing from kindergarten is essential, but its effectiveness ; depends largely on the layout of the classroom, the distinction between graphic activities and writing, the use of personalized materials, and availability aids writing. This report highlights areas where improvement is needed. The improvements are needed to ensure that all students leave primary school with a strong command of writing, a vital asset for their future. /p>

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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