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Vision Pro 2: Apple is working on a new generation, here's what we know about it

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Apple is expected to release the Vision Pro during the month of February. The apple brand is currently in the final stages of large-scale manufacturing before launching distribution in its various stores in the United States.

If Cupertino has its eyes on the coming weeks, some Apple engineers have gone their separate ways and are already working on a next generation. As reported by Korean media The Elec, Apple is reportedly planning to launch an Apple Vision Pro 2 in 2027.

A Vision Pro too difficult to build

Today, the biggest obstacle to the Vision Pro is its manufacturing complexity. The Apple brand called on Sony to manufacture the OLEDoS screens for the headset, but the brand's performance is less than 50%. With these difficulties in production, Apple had to limit the number of copies produced in 2024 to under 500,000 models.

Apple is therefore working to remove this thorn in its side by 2027 and the (supposed) date of release of a second generation. In its article on the subject, The Elec assures that the design of a new range of screens, brighter and less complex, is the absolute priority on the Cupertino side.

A new design technique

Technically, the Apple brand would be banking on WOLED RGB screens. The light sent would then be white and it would pass through a color filter to give it its hue. This technique would have the advantage of offering more brightness to the screen.

Easier to produce, these new screens do not would not necessarily consume more energy. This information collected by the media The Elec was quickly confirmed by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, recognized for his detailed knowledge of Apple.

An entry-level model?

Kuo also believes that the next generation of Vision Pro should be marketed by Apple in 2027. However, he assures that a “cheaper” will enter the market by then, probably at the end of 2025. It will serve to bridge the gap between the two generations, reaching more people with global distribution. In any case, this would be the current wish of the thinking heads on the Cupertino side.

For the moment, we know very little about this model of ;#8217;entry level. It seems that internal development is still in its early stages and that even Apple engineers don't really know what face they are going to give to this headset.

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