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Want something sweet? Netflix is ​​getting into animal lives and you'll love it

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Definitely, Netflix never ceases to surprise subscribers. While the platform had an excellent quarter against all expectations and hastened to increase its prices, it also tackled a new content: lives. Netflix has been trying to embrace live-streamed content for a while, but so far it hasn't been as successful as expected.

But Netflix might just have found the magic recipe to make its lives take off: a good dose of cuteness with baby animals that would melt anyone's heart. The programs Baby animals live and Baby gorillas live should have a bright future ahead of them.

Baby animals for the arrival of live shows on Netflix

With its two live programs, Netflix invites us to the Cleveland Zoo in Ohio. No dialogues, no editing, just a little background music to keep us company. It’s a true haven of softness. We follow the zoo's baby animals, rhinoceroses, otters, gorillas and orangutans, as they evolve in complete peace and quiet. If you are looking for an exciting program, it is in your best interest to stop by. But the cuteness offered by these baby animal lives should appeal to more than one viewer. While overproduction has become the norm, this cute interlude feels good.

Animals, and especially babies, have always driven the Internet and this should continue. Netflix invites its subscribers every Thursday to find these adorable animals for a moment of calm that everyone should appreciate. If you miss the appointment, don't panic: you can find the episodes in replay on Netflix.

While all the ingredients seem to come together to make viewers' hearts beat, Netflix has been relatively discreet regarding the launch of Baby Animals Live. However, users of the platform would have needed a little gentleness to get over the pill of Netflix's new price increase.

But, as we already know, Netflix does not don't plan to stop at adorable animals. Starting next year, the platform will broadcast the SAG Awards, a prestigious ceremony which rewards “remarkable performances” in cinema or television over the past year. In this vein, Netflix plans to broadcast The Netflix Cup, its first live sporting event, on November 14.

  • Netflix broadcasts Baby Animals live

    em> and Baby Gorillas Live every Thursday

  • It's a true haven for viewers
  • Netflix is ​​strongly interested in the content broadcast live

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