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Waze is getting a makeover: all the new features of the update explained

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The Waze application has become almost essential in the car. Created in 2008, it currently has more than 140 million users worldwide, including 20 million on French soil alone. The update was announced recently and is arriving this month first on Android, then on iOS. What does it have in store for us?? Will it make up for the reputation of the application, which has been slightly tarnished for several months??

More intuitive navigation and enhanced security

First of six new features: l’ assisting when crossing a roundabout. Waze can now tell you exactly where to turn in, which lane to take, and exactly when you should leave the intersection. A really welcome new feature, since Waze had a frankly annoying tendency to lag when the vehicle began its rotation in the roundabout.

A new feature which will make the &#8217 ;unanimity is that of alerts of changes in speed limits. No more need to squint to check at the bottom of the interface, the application will let you know. A very good point, which will allow us to better anticipate.

As we know, what particularly distinguishes Waze from its competitors is its community component. It was already possible to report stopped vehicles, obstacles on the road or even police control zones. You can now share with other drivers the presence of tolls, speed bumps or sharp turns.

For greater safety, it is now possible to report an emergency vehicle stopped on the road to other users.

Improved personalization and conveniences

Another new feature: the ability to find out about traffic and slowdown points < strong>on the routes you prefer, even if they are not the fastest and proposed by the algorithm.

Waze also has a feature to facilitate your arrival at your destination by providing you with a plethora of very practical information to keep in mind. Mainly on garages and parking spaces. Does the location have EV charging stations, covered spaces or valet parking? Is it accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Reserving a parking space directly via Waze is also possible, but this does not&#8217 ;is unfortunately not yet the case with us. Only certain cities in Canada and the United States are currently affected. Perhaps this feature will arrive later in France, but nothing has been officially revealed on the application's blog. The Waze development teams have in any case not been idle and the application is more complete than ever.

  • Waze is updated with six new features.
  • The new features mainly concern navigation and the improvement of information sharing between users.
  • The application now allows &# 8217;access more information on your preferred routes as well as the arrival location.

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