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Winnipeg police officer prosecuted for searching store without warrant

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The Winnipeg police officer was already involved in several other cases. (Archive photo)


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A man sues a Winnipeg police officer for searching the store he works for without a warrant, handcuffing him and threatening him with deportation.

Harjot Singh, who works as a clerk in a convenience store on Sargent Avenue, indicates in his complaint before the Court of King's Bench of Manitoba that the facts occurred on December 2, 2023.

It was then that the police officer, Jeffrey Norman, asked to enter the store while it was temporarily closed, according to the declaration filed late last month.

Mr. Singh claims he unlocked the door relatively quickly and let Mr. Norman in, the statement said.

Shortly thereafter, Jeffrey Norman, who was on duty, handcuffed Harjot Singh and then took him informed that he was under arrest for obstructing a police officer before seizing his cell phone, according to the complaint.

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The police officer then carried out a search of the premises, but without presenting a warrant, according to the statement of facts.

During the search, the police officer threatened to evict the man from the Canada if it did not cooperate.

According to the document presented in court, the search, which took place without a warrant and in a manner unreasonable behavior, shook Mr. Singh who eventually left his job at the store.

None of the allegations contained in the complaint has not been verified by a court.

The document states that the officer's actions amounted to battery, wrongful imprisonment and arbitrary detention, unreasonable search and seizure. It also denounces a violation of Mr. Singh's rights guaranteed by the Charter.

The complaint alleges authoritarian and discriminatory on the basis of national or ethnic origin.

He demonstrated “total disregard and insensitivity towards the constitutional rights and feelings of the complainant, we can read in the statement of facts.

The complaint seeks an unspecified amount of general, constitutional and punitive damages.

She also asks a judge to order the City of Winnipeg, named as a defendant, along with the police officer, to implement a training program for Winnipeg police officers on their legal and constitutional obligations in the area. exercise of their functions.

No statement of defense has yet been filed.

The officer was already named in at least two previous lawsuits alleging excessive use of force.

In 2019, he was also involved in an incident after a cyclist alleged that he pepper sprayed him when he asked the officer to dim the lights of his police cruiser.

No charges had been brought against Mr. Norman.

En February 2020, the lawyer for a man accused of robbery told the court his client alleged Jeffrey Norman knocked him unconscious when he was not in custody. was off duty, after witnessing a robbery at a liquor store.

L&amp The man said he hit the officer in the head with a bottle of alcohol, and Norman then hit him in the face with the baton, knocking him unconscious, according to the police. ;Defence lawyer.

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