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A new date is circulating for the launch of Apple's Vision Pro

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After working on this technology for years, Apple finally announced its first mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, at the WWDC conference in June. However, the product is not yet marketed, since the Cupertino company plans to launch it in 2024. Unfortunately, it seems that this headset will be marketed a little later than expected.

In any case, this is what is suggested by Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, whose latest newsletter is relayed by our colleagues at MacRumours. In summary, Apple would have initially aimed to launch the Vision Pro headset in January 2024. But now, the firm would target a launch in March 2024.

Why this delay? Apple would need more time to work on its distribution plan, but also to carry out more tests. As the Vision Pro is a completely new category of Apple product, the firm will not market it as it markets the iPhone. Like the first Apple Watch, the headset will only be sold in stores and the company should take the time to inform interested customers during meetings. However, all this requires special organization, which may explain the delay.

An important launch

Although Apple is only expected to produce the Vision Pro in small quantities, the company cannot afford any missteps. And it is logical that it also wants more time to properly test the hardware, as well as the software. In addition, this delay could also give developers more time to create their apps for Vision Pro.

It should be noted that recently, Apple released a new beta version of visionOS, the operating system which will be used by Vision Pro. For the moment, this beta is intended for app developers. But it also includes guides that already give us an overview of how we will use the Apple headset.
If augmented reality is so important for the Cupertino company, it is because in the long term, this technology could have very strong growth potential. One of its competitors, Meta, also believes that later, augmented reality glasses could replace smartphones.

As for Apple, it is rumored that it is already preparing a less expensive version (with a lowered technical sheet) of the Vision Pro, which will be accessible to more users. As a reminder, the current version will be sold at $3,499 in the United States.

  • According to the latest newsletter from Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, the headset Apple's Vision Pro would be launched in March 2024 instead of January 2024
  • This delay would allow Apple to better work on its distribution plan and do more testing
  • As it is This is a new product, the Vision Pro helmet will be marketed differently

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