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Attack in Russia: suspects tortured, their confessions extracted under extreme violence

The alleged attackers of the attack Moscow appeared very weakened before the court. They would have beené tortured during their interrogation.

The results of the Crocus City Hall attack à Moscow would have become even heavier. Le MondeMonday reported 144 dead and 285 injured. The Islamic State organization claimed responsibility for the attack. the attack and yet Russian power persists not mentioning it, ensuring on the other hand that the attackers were trying to go to Ukraine, after the attack, where they were killed. they had contacts. The four alleged attackers were killed. placed in pre-trial detention by a court in the Russian capital and face prison in prison. perpetuity, according to a press release of the Basmanny court of Moscow. 

Three of them confessed by pleading guilty. However, according to Le Monde, at least two of them suffered torture during their interrogation. A video broadcast by the channel Telegram on Saturday showed, in fact, the interrogation ;one of the suspects,  Saidakrami Murodali Rachabalizoda, during which a man in camouflage clothing holds him to the ground and cuts off a piece of his right ear with a knife. He also tries, in the images, to force him à eat it.

The next day, the Russian channel publishedé another photo showing Fariduni Shamsidin, one of the accused, being questioned and tortured by electrocution. In the photo, he is lying down. on the ground, pants down, with an electric generator connected to the &agrav; his genitals. The Russian site Meduza claims that the arrested were indeed arrested. "tortured during their interrogation". The question of sincerityé confessions can then be raised.

Suspects in poor condition in court

Images were also posted. Broadcast footage showed the suspects being brought into the courtroom handcuffed and seated in the glass cage. Some have bandages, blood on their faces and one of them arrived at the hospital. in a wheelchair. They appear, in fact, very physically affected. "They have beené dragged before the court, first blindfolded, then with their faces uncovered, with signs of swelling of the face and ears, # 39;one of them was even in a wheelchair, described the Italian media Corriere della Sera.

"The detention wasé as severe as possible. The main objective was to obtain information that would help in the future. learn more about the instigators. The FSB officers, knowing what the fugitives had done à Crocus, held back with difficulty", clarifiedé the Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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