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“LOL: who laughs comes out!” : when are the last episodes of season 4 released ?

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Since Friday February 16, 2024, fans of LOL: who laughs, goes out!were able to afford a few good laughs watching the first 4 episodes of season 4. If this new season is not as emblematic as season 3 with Pierre Niney, Jonathan Cohen, Laura Felpin or even Leïla Bekhti (to name than them), it does not, however, totally demerit.

But as usual, Prime Video is parsimonious. Thus, the platform has chosen to divide this new season into two parts. The first four episodes, but spectators have enough to keep them hungry. When are the final episodes of season 4 of LOL : who laughs, come out ! ? And above all, how much you are there any episodes left to watch ?

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3 more episodes…

The format of LOL: whoever laughs, comes out! is very short. Each episode lasts on average 30 minutes. Suffice to say that this new season is quite easy to binge-watch. Good news: you don't have to wait very long before discovering the rest of season 4 of LOL: who laughs, comes out!.

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The second part of season 4 of LOL: who laughs, comes out will be available from Friday February 23, 2024, that is to say tomorrow, on Prime Video. Currently, all the candidates for this fourth season are still in the running. The suspense is therefore unbearable for the spectators. While Jérôme Commandeur, Marina Foïs and Alban Ivanov stand out, the other candidates for season 4 are rather discreet.

While the first two seasons of LOL : who laughs, comes out ! were composed of six episodes each, the Season 3 consisted of 7 episodes. What about season 4 of LOL: whoever laughs, comes out! ? While all the participants are still in the race after 4 episodes, there are 3 episodes left to discover tomorrow to conclude this last season. Thus, season 4 of LOL : who laughs, comes out ! is made up of 7 episodes in total.

The second part of LOL: whoever laughs, comes out! has always been shorter and this duration strongly depends on the talent of the candidates. With all the participants still in the running, it is obvious that at least 2 episodes are needed to eliminate as many as possible and get down to business (i.e. the finale) in a final episode.< /p>

See you tomorrow on Prime Video to discover the last 3 episodes of season 4 of LOL: who laughs, comes out! . Who would you like to see win ? Tell us in the comments. For fun, we give you Jérôme Commandeur's joker card.

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