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Mobile phone plan. This operator reveals a CRAZY offer that is impossible to refuse

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Prixtel returns to the forefront this month of March by unveiling a . This is ultra complete since it also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, both in France and abroad (EU and DOM), but also 15 GB from these destinations (deducted from the overall envelope).

In short, a mega package that will allow you to never run out of internet, ideal for surfing or playing online, but also for streaming or downloading films and series without limits. Faced with competition, Prixtel is therefore much more aggressive, particularly on its price list. Just for example, at B&You, for 11.99 euros, or 2 euros more than the Prixtel package, you are entitled to “only” 130 GB of internet.

To discover this Prixtel 150 GB package at €9.99, it's here:

In addition, with the latter, once you have exceeded the allocated envelope, you are billed at the current rate (0.01 cts/MB, within the limit of 40 euros, or 4 GB). In the end, in the event of a non-package, it can cost you very expensive, since 134 GB will cost you 51.99 euros.

For its part, Prixtel offers a much more advantageous approach with two internet extenders of 20 GB each, for an additional charge of only 2 euros. Concretely, if you use no more than 150 GB during the month, your package will cost you 9.99 euros. If you consume between 150 GB and 170 GB, it will increase to 11.99 euros.

Well, you guessed it, between 170 GB and 190 GB, you will be charged 13.99 euros. Beyond the included Internet volume, the speed is reduced and you will be able to continue to benefit from your package, at a lower speed. With no long-term commitment, the Prixtel Le grand package can be canceled free of charge, at any time. This is also valid on all other operator plans.

A wide range of packages to suit everyone

You have understood, the flexible Le grand package from Prixtel is more advantageous in many respects than the majority of traditional packages on the market. That said, you may not need such a large internet envelope. Especially if you often use the Wi-Fi connection at home or at the office.

In addition to its 150 GB package at 9.99 euros, Prixtel offers 3 others, which are likely to cover everyone's needs. Thus, on its website, the virtual operator displays packages entitled Le petit, Le jardin and Oxygène. All include the same telephone services as Le Grand, with more or less internet for prices between 6.99 euros and 20.99 euros. Here they are in detail:

  • Le petit plan: from 40 GB to 60 GB from €6.99/month
  • Oxygen Package: from 100 GB to 140 GB from €8.99/month
  • The Giant Package: from 200 GB to 250 GB from €14.99/month

These three packages use exactly the same operating principle as the Le grand package, with the extension system previously mentioned. That said, only The Giant allows you to benefit from 5G, the others being only available in 4G/4G+. For more information on these, you can go to the Prixtel website, which displays in black and white, all the services included, as well as those which are not.

On which network are the Prixtel packages?

This is a question that deserves to be asked. Owned by the Altice group since 2021, Prixtel uses the network infrastructures of the historic operator SFR. In other words, by taking a package from them, you will benefit from the same quality and network coverage as their subscribers.

As a reminder or simply for information purposes, SFR is 99.7% of the population covered by 4G/4G+, more than 450 municipalities covered by the 5G network offering speeds of up to 2Gbit/s and speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s in 4G+. In short, you have the assurance of being able to use your mobile plan in the best conditions, even if you do not live in a large city. Also note that being a virtual operator, Prixtel does not have any support or physical store.

With him, the management of your offer, the consultation of your invoices and consumption is done exclusively from your subscriber area on the internet, or from its mobile application. Customer service is also 100% digital, and it is also known to be efficient and responsive with a rating of 4.4/5 on more than 3,800 reviews left by its subscribers. Subscribing to a Prixtel package is also quick and easy. Once your offer has been selected, simply follow the steps on its website.

You will have the option to request a new phone number or keep the one you currently have. The process is quick and free, since all you need to do is enter your RIO code, which can be obtained by calling 3179. If necessary, Prixtel will take care of canceling your package with your old operator, but also the transfer of your number, if you asked to keep it.

To discover the Prixtel packages, click here:

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