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The very big one

Neymar was fined victim of a terrible knee injury which will keep him away from the field for many months. His Saudi club will benefit from a large sum paid by FIFA.

Neymar, Brazil's number 10, is going through another difficult ordeal. During a World Cup qualifying match against Uruguay, where The Brazilian team suffered a 2-to-1 defeat. 0, the former PSG player, who now plays for Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia, suddenly fell. on the lawn complaining about the knee following a slight contact with Nicolas de la Cruz. He must have leaving the field on crutches, his left leg immobilized by a splint, under the worried gaze of the public and the Brazilian staff.

On the evening of Tuesday, October 18, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announced, via a press release: official, that the medical examinations had “confirmed” cruciate ligament rupture anterior and meniscus of the left knee" by Neymar. It's one more injury and even this time a devastating double for the player, especially since he had only just returned to action. the competition after having been aside for almost six months following an operation to ankle. The press release It also specifies that a new surgical intervention will be necessary, without specifying the date: "The attacker will be operated on, at a date that has not yet been announced. fixed, to correct injuries.

This new blow means that Neymar will be out of action. out of the game again for a period of at least six months, or even more, to perhaps fully regain his abilities. This period of unavailability does not do the business of his Saudi club, Al-Hilal, which must deprive itself of a player recruited by for more than 100 million euros this summer. PSG had also experienced the medical misadventures of the Brazilian, who had missed his goal. more than a third of the meetings during his six years at the club. Which was also one of the reasons for its sale.

But Al-Hilal has not yet lost everything. FIFA has set up a Club Protection Program, which guarantees them financial insurance if one of their players is injured while playing for the national team. For any injury removing the player from the field for more than 28 days, as for Neymar, FIFA covers the salary during the period of unavailability!

Unfortunately for the Saudis and undoubtedly fortunately for the world football body, there is a ceiling that Neymar's salary far exceeds: 20,548 euros per day, or a little more than 600,000 euros per month . But the Brazilian's salary is at least 6 million euros per month, or ten times more.

Al-Hilal could still recover up to 39;à 7.5 million euros from FIFA, if Neymar was absent for an entire year (the maximum duration of compensation), and at least 3 million since the Brazilian will not find himself again definitely not the land for six months. Very far, however, from the 75 million annually that Neymar costs at the moment. his club, without even counting the price of his transfer…

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